Tuesday, July 16, 2013

1305.2124 (J. A. R. Cembranos et al.)

Reliability of Monte Carlo event generators for gamma ray dark matter searches    [PDF]

J. A. R. Cembranos, A. de la Cruz-Dombriz, V. Gammaldi, R. A. Lineros, A. L. Maroto

1307.3551 (H. -Y. K. Yang et al.)

The Fermi Bubbles: Gamma-ray, Microwave, and Polarization Signatures of Leptonic AGN Jets    [PDF]

H. -Y. K. Yang, M. Ruszkowski, E. Zweibel

1307.3554 (David Tsang)

Shattering Flares During Close Encounters of Neutron Stars    [PDF]

David Tsang

1307.3592 (O. Urban et al.)

Azimuthally Resolved X-Ray Spectroscopy to the Edge of the Perseus Cluster    [PDF]

O. Urban, A. Simionescu, N. Werner, S. W. Allen, S. Ehlert, I. Zhuravleva, R. G. Morris, A. C. Fabian, A. Mantz, P. E. J. Nulsen, J. S. Sanders, Y. Takei

1307.3635 (Himadri Ghosh)

Monte Carlo Simulations of the Advective Inflow and Outflow around a Black Hole    [PDF]

Himadri Ghosh

1307.3665 (D. A. Frail et al.)

Evidence of a Hadronic Origin for the TeV Source J1834-087    [PDF]

D. A. Frail, M. J. Claussen, J. Mehault

1307.3700 (J. Roland et al.)

Binary black holes in nuclei of extragalactic radio sources    [PDF]

J. Roland, S. Britzen, A. Caproni, C. Fromm, C. Glück, A. Zensus

1307.3739 (Mariangela Settimo et al.)

EleCa: a Monte Carlo code for the propagation of extragalactic photons at ultra-high energy    [PDF]

Mariangela Settimo, Manlio De Domenico

1307.3795 (IceCube collaboration)

Measurement of the cosmic ray energy spectrum with IceTop-73    [PDF]

IceCube collaboration

1307.3864 (Abdujappar Rusul et al.)

The Stokes Phase Portraits of Descattered Pulse Profiles of a Few Pulsars    [PDF]

Abdujappar Rusul, Ali Esamdin, Xiao-Ping Zheng, Jian-Ping Yuan

1307.3890 (Jan Ebr et al.)

Effects of massive photons from the dark sector on the muon content in extensive air showers    [PDF]

Jan Ebr, Petr Nečesal

1307.3892 (Denis Bernard)

Polarimetry of cosmic gamma-ray sources above e+e- pair creation threshold    [PDF]

Denis Bernard

1307.3895 (R. Aloisio et al.)

Propagation of UHECRs in cosmological backgrounds: some results from SimProp    [PDF]

R. Aloisio, D. Boncioli, A. Di Matteo, A. F. Grillo, S. Petrera, F. Salamida

1307.3918 (John Krizmanic et al.)

The modeling of the nuclear composition measurement performance of the Non-Imaging CHErenkov Array (NICHE)    [PDF]

John Krizmanic, Douglas Bergman, Pierre Sokolsky

1307.3934 (Ning-Yu Tang et al.)

Mass flow in the circumbinary disk with gap around supermassive binary black holes    [PDF]

Ning-Yu Tang, Ye-Fei Yuan

1307.3944 (Robert Ehrlich)

A peak in the cosmic ray spectrum at 4.5 PeV?    [PDF]

Robert Ehrlich

1307.3954 (Maïca Clavel et al.)

Echoes of multiple outbursts of Sagittarius A* revealed by Chandra    [PDF]

Maïca Clavel, R. Terrier, A. Goldwurm, M. R. Morris, G. Ponti, S. Soldi, G. Trap

1307.3956 (Ruben Conceição et al.)

The Pierre Auger Observatory: results on the highest energy particles    [PDF]

Ruben Conceição, for the Pierre Auger Collaboration

1307.3995 (N. Chamel et al.)

On the Maximum Mass of Neutron Stars    [PDF]

N. Chamel, P. Haensel, J. L. Zdunik, A. F. Fantina

1307.4043 (V. Berezinsky)

UHECR: Signatures and Models    [PDF]

V. Berezinsky

1307.4050 (Anna Barnacka)

Detection techniques for the H.E.S.S. II telescope, data modeling of gravitational lensing and emission of blazars in HE-VHE astronomy    [PDF]

Anna Barnacka