Tuesday, May 7, 2013

1305.0821 (M. Heida et al.)

VLT/FORS2 observations of four high-luminosity ULX candidates    [PDF]

M. Heida, P. G. Jonker, M. A. P. Torres, T. P. Roberts, G. Miniutti, A. C. Fabian, E. M. Ratti

1305.0830 (Dan Hooper et al.)

Pulsars Cannot Account for the Inner Galaxy's GeV Excess    [PDF]

Dan Hooper, Ilias Cholis, Tim Linden, Jennifer Siegal-Gaskins, Tracy Slatyer

1305.0845 (Rodrigo Negreiros et al.)

On the effects of proton superconductivity for the cooling of neutron stars    [PDF]

Rodrigo Negreiros, Stefan Schramm, Fridolin Weber

1305.0847 (F. Casse et al.)

Non-resonant magnetohydrodynamics streaming instability near magnetized relativistic shocks    [PDF]

F. Casse, A. Marcowith, R. Keppens

1305.0930 (Ramandeep Gill et al.)

Statistical ages and the cooling rate of X-ray dim isolated neutron stars    [PDF]

Ramandeep Gill, Jeremy S. Heyl

1305.0997 (R. A. Treumann)

Is There a Purely Fermionic Fractional Statistics?    [PDF]

R. A. Treumann

1305.0998 (L. C. C. Lin et al.)

Discovery of X-ray Pulsation from the Geminga-like Pulsar PSR J2021+4026    [PDF]

L. C. C. Lin, C. Y. Hui, C. P. Hu, J. H. K. Wu, R. H. H. Huang, L. Trepl, J. Takata, K. A. Seo, Y. Wang, Y. Chou, K. S. Cheng

1305.1023 (S. Takeuchi et al.)

Clumpy Outflow from Supercritical Accretion Flows    [PDF]

S. Takeuchi, K. Ohsuga, S. Mineshige

1305.1122 (Y. Zhang et al.)

Gravitational-Wave by Binary OJ287 in 3.5 PN Approximation    [PDF]

Y. Zhang, S. G. Wu, W. Zhao

1305.1186 (Giovanni Montani et al.)

Falsification of the MRI in the Two-Dimensional Axial Symmetry    [PDF]

Giovanni Montani, Daniela Pugliese

1305.1242 (R. Cowsik)

Comment on M. Aguilar et. al. AMS Collaboration, Phys. Rev. Lett. 100, 141102 (2013)    [PDF]

R. Cowsik

1305.1250 (Xiaolin Yang et al.)

YNOGK: A new public code for calculating null geodesics in the Kerr spacetime    [PDF]

Xiaolin Yang, Jiancheng Wang

1305.1261 (Yi-Zhong Fan et al.)

High energy emission of GRB 130427A: evidence for inverse Compton radiation    [PDF]

Yi-Zhong Fan, P. H. T. Tam, Fu-Wen Zhang, Yun-Feng Liang, Hao-Ning He, Bei Zhou, Rui-Zhi Yang, Zhi-Ping Jin, Da-Ming Wei

1305.1263 (Christian Fendt et al.)

Bipolar jets launched from accretion disks. II. Formation of symmetric and asymmetric jets and counter jets    [PDF]

Christian Fendt, Somayeh Sheikhnezami

1305.1275 (G. Dubner et al.)

The most complete and detailed X-ray view of the SNR Puppis A    [PDF]

G. Dubner, N. Loiseau, P. Rodriguez-Pascual, M. J. S. Smith, E. Giacani, G. Castelletti