Thursday, March 7, 2013

1212.5647 (Hyun Min Lee et al.)

Interplay between Fermi gamma-ray lines and collider searches    [PDF]

Hyun Min Lee, Myeonghun Park, Veronica Sanz

1303.1176 (D. Sluse et al.)

Mid-infrared microlensing of accretion disc and dusty torus in quasars: effects on flux ratio anomalies    [PDF]

D. Sluse, M. Kishimoto, T. Anguita, O. Wucknitz, J. Wambsganss

1303.1180 (Doron Kushnir et al.)

The Progenitors of Type Ia Supernova Explosions are Head-On Collisions of White Dwarfs in Triple Systems    [PDF]

Doron Kushnir, Boaz Katz, Subo Dong, Eli Livne, Rodrigo Fernández

1303.1179 (Mathieu Servillat et al.)

DASCH 100-yr light curves of high-mass X-ray binaries    [PDF]

Mathieu Servillat, S. Tang, J. E. Grindlay, E. Los

1303.1182 (William J. Potter et al.)

Synchrotron and inverse-Compton emission from blazar jets - III. Compton-dominant blazars    [PDF]

William J. Potter, Garret Cotter

1303.1185 (Laura Sampson et al.)

Gravitational Wave Tests of Strong Field General Relativity with Binary Inspirals: Realistic Injections and Optimal Model Selection    [PDF]

Laura Sampson, Neil Cornish, Nicolas Yunes

1303.1186 (Kumiko Kotera et al.)

Strangelets and the TeV-PeV cosmic-ray anisotropies    [PDF]

Kumiko Kotera, M. Angeles Perez-Garcia, Joseph Silk

1303.1190 (T. A. Pritchard et al.)

Bolometric and UV Light Curves of Core-Collapse Supernovae    [PDF]

T. A. Pritchard, P. W. A. Roming, Peter J Brown, Amanda J. Bayless, Lucille H. Frey

1303.1191 (Yutaka Fujita et al.)

Entropy at the Outskirts of Galaxy Clusters as Implications for Cosmological Cosmic-Ray Acceleration    [PDF]

Yutaka Fujita, Yutaka Ohira, Ryo Yamazaki

1303.1198 (V. Grinberg et al.)

Long term variability of Cygnus X-1 V. State definitions with all sky monitors    [PDF]

V. Grinberg, N. Hell, K. Pottschmidt, M. Böck, M. A. Nowak, J. Rodriguez, A. Bodaghee, M. Cadolle Bel, G. L. Case, M. Hanke, M. Kühnel, S. B. Markoff, G. G. Pooley, R. E. Rothschild, J. A. Tomsick, C. A. Wilson-Hodge, J. Wilms

1303.1213 (Jeanette C. Gladstone et al.)

Optical counterparts of the nearest ultraluminous X-ray sources    [PDF]

Jeanette C. Gladstone, Chris Copperwheat, Craig O. Heinke, Timothy P. Roberts, Taylor F. Cartwright, Andrew J. Levan, Mike R. Goad, .

1303.1228 (Kuo-Chuan Pan et al.)

Evolution Of Post-Impact Remnant Helium Stars In Type Ia Supernova Remnants Within The Single-Degenerate Scenario    [PDF]

Kuo-Chuan Pan, Paul Ricker, Ronald Taam

1303.1236 (Geoffrey V. Bicknell et al.)

The Kinematics and Ionization of Nuclear Gas Clouds in Centaurus A    [PDF]

Geoffrey V. Bicknell, Ralph S. Sutherland, Nadine Neumayer

1303.1253 (Hao-Ning He et al.)

Diffuse PeV neutrino emission from Ultra-Luminous Infrared Galaxies    [PDF]

Hao-Ning He, Tao Wang, Yi-Zhong Fan, Si-Ming Liu, Da-Ming Wei

1303.1258 (The ARGO-YBJ Collaboration et al.)

Observation of TeV gamma-rays from the unidentified source HESS J1841-055 with the ARGO-YBJ experiment    [PDF]

The ARGO-YBJ Collaboration, B. Bartoli, P. Bernardini, X. J. Bi, I. Bolognino, P. Branchini, A. Budano, A. K. Calabrese Melcarne, P. Camarri, Z. Cao, R. Cardarelli, S. Catalanotti, C. Cattaneo, S. Z. Chen, T. L. Chen, Y. Chen, P. Creti, S. W. Cui, B. Z. Dai, G. DAli Staiti, A. DAmone, Danzengluobu, I. De Mitri, B. DEttorre Piazzoli, T. Di Girolamo, X. H. Ding, G. Di Sciascio, C. F. Feng, Zhaoyang Feng, Zhenyong Feng, F. Galeazzi, E. Giroletti, Q. B. Gou, Y. Q. Guo, H. H. He, Haibing Hu, Hongbo Hu, Q. Huang, M. Iacovacci, R. Iuppa, I. James, H. Y. Jia, Labaciren, H. J. Li, J. Y. Li, X. X. Li, G. Liguori, C. Liu, C. Q. Liu, J. Liu, M. Y. Liu, H. Lu, L. L. Ma, X. H. Ma, G. Mancarella, S. M. Mari, G. Marsella, D. Martello, S. Mastroianni, P. Montini, C. C. Ning, A. Pagliaro, M. Panareo, B. Panico, L. Perrone, P. Pistilli, F. Ruggieri, P. Salvini, R. Santonico, S. N. Sbano, P. R. Shen, X. D. Sheng, F. Shi, A. Surdo, Y. H. Tan, P. Vallania, S. Vernetto, C. Vigorito, B. Wang, H. Wang, C. Y. Wu, H. R. Wu, B. Xu, L. Xue, Q. Y. Yang, X. C. Yang, Z. G. Yao, A. F. Yuan, M. Zha, H. M. Zhang, Jilong Zhang, Jianli Zhang, L. Zhang, P. Zhang, X. Y. Zhang, Y. Zhang, J. Zhao, Zhaxiciren, Zhaxisangzhu, X. X. Zhou, F. R. Zhu, Q. Q. Zhu, G. Zizzi

1303.1270 (Giuseppe Colucci et al.)

Impact of relativistic chiral one-pion exchange on nuclear matter properties    [PDF]

Giuseppe Colucci, Armen Sedrakian, Dirk H. Rischke

1303.1316 (I. Sushch et al.)

VHE Emission from PSR B1259-63/LS 2883 around 2010/2011 Periastron Passage observed with H.E.S.S    [PDF]

I. Sushch, M. de Naurois, U. Schwanke, G. Spengler, P. Bordas on behalf of the H. E. S. S. Collaboration

1303.1345 (Sen Miao et al.)

Model-Independent Identification of Inelastic WIMPs from Direct Dark Matter Detection Experiments    [PDF]

Sen Miao, Chung-Lin Shan, Yu-Feng Zhou

1303.1370 (Daniela Huppenkothen et al.)

New Methods for Timing Analysis of Transient Events, Applied to Fermi/GBM Magnetar Bursts    [PDF]

Daniela Huppenkothen, Anna L. Watts, Phil Uttley, Alexander J. van der Horst, Michiel van der Klis, Chryssa Kouveliotou, Ersin Gogus, Jonathan Granot, Simon Vaughan, Mark H. Finger

1303.1380 (Cameron J. Pace et al.)

The Stability of BVRI Comparison Stars Near Selected TeV Blazars    [PDF]

Cameron J. Pace, Richard L. Pearson III, J. Ward Moody, Michael D. Joner, Bret Little

1303.1385 (N. Vaytet et al.)

The influence of frequency-dependent radiative transfer on the structures of radiative shocks    [PDF]

N. Vaytet, M. Gonzalez, E. Audit, G. Chabrier

1303.1406 (Alex Geringer-Sameth for the VERITAS Collaboration)

The VERITAS Dark Matter Program    [PDF]

Alex Geringer-Sameth for the VERITAS Collaboration

1303.1431 (Thomas K. Gaisser)

Atmospheric leptons, the search for a prompt component    [PDF]

Thomas K. Gaisser

1303.1450 (Jonathan Zrake et al.)

Magnetic energy production by turbulence in binary neutron star mergers    [PDF]

Jonathan Zrake, Andrew I. MacFadyen