Tuesday, November 27, 2012

1211.5602 (M. W. E. Smith et al.)

The Astrophysical Multimessenger Observatory Network (AMON)    [PDF]

M. W. E. Smith, D. B. Fox, D. F. Cowen, P. Mészáros, G. Tešić, J. Fixelle, I. Bartos, P. Sommers, Abhay Ashtekar, G. Jogesh Babu, S. D. Barthelmy, S. Coutu, T. DeYoung, A. D. Falcone, L. S. Finn, Shan Gao, B. Hashemi, A. Homeier, S. Márka, B. J. Owen, I. Taboada

1211.5606 (J. Hlavacek-Larrondo et al.)

The rapid evolution of AGN feedback in brightest cluster galaxies: switching from quasar-mode to radio-mode feedback    [PDF]

J. Hlavacek-Larrondo, A. C. Fabian, A. C. Edge, H. Ebeling, S. W. Allen, J. S. Sanders, G. B. Taylor

1211.5673 (Xiao-Hong Cui et al.)

Delayed Onset and Fast Rise of Prompt Optical-UV Emission from Gamma-Ray Bursts in Molecular Clouds    [PDF]

Xiao-Hong Cui, Zhuo Li, Li-Ping Xing

1211.5728 (Mariko Kato et al.)

An X-Ray and Optical Light Curv Model of the Eclipsing Symbiotic Binary SMC3    [PDF]

Mariko Kato, Izumi Hachisu, Joanna Mikolajewska

1211.5781 (Giovanni Montani et al.)

Crystalline Structure of Accretion Disks: Features of the Global Model    [PDF]

Giovanni Montani, Riccardo Benini

1211.5810 (Jason Gofford et al.)

The Suzaku view of highly-ionised outflows in AGN: I - Statistical detection and global absorber properties    [PDF]

Jason Gofford, James N. Reeves, Francesco Tombesi, Valentina Braito, T. Jane Turner, Lance Miller, Massimo Cappi

1211.5835 (keiichi Maeda)

Young Supernovae as Experimental Sites to Study Electron Acceleration Mechanism    [PDF]

keiichi Maeda

1211.5854 (Chris Power et al.)

Feedback from High-Mass X-Ray Binaries on the High Redshift Intergalactic Medium : Model Spectra    [PDF]

Chris Power, Gillian F. James, Celine Combet, Graham Wynn

1211.5900 (A. Parikh et al.)

Nucleosynthesis in Type I X-ray Bursts    [PDF]

A. Parikh, J. José, G. Sala, C. Iliadis

1211.6036 (H. Che et al.)

The Adiabatic Phase Mixing and Heating of Electrons in Buneman Turbulence    [PDF]

H. Che, J. F. Drake, M. Swisdak, M. Goldstein

1211.6082 (G. J. M. Luna et al.)

Symbiotic stars in X-rays    [PDF]

G. J. M. Luna, J. L. Sokoloski, K. Mukai, T. Nelson