Monday, April 16, 2012

1106.4138 (Katie Auchettl et al.)

Extracting the size of the cosmic electron-positron anomaly    [PDF]

Katie Auchettl, Csaba Bal√°zs

1204.2826 (Missagh Mehdipour et al.)

The X-ray warm absorber and nuclear obscuration in the Seyfert 1.8 galaxy ESO 113-G010    [PDF]

Missagh Mehdipour, Graziella Branduardi-Raymont, Mathew J. Page

1204.2831 (A. E. Scott et al.)

Detectability of low energy X-ray spectral components in type 1 AGN    [PDF]

A. E. Scott, G. C. Stewart, S. Mateos

1204.2836 (John A. Tomsick et al.)

Is IGR J11014-6103 a Pulsar with the Highest Known Kick Velocity?    [PDF]

John A. Tomsick, Arash Bodaghee, Jerome Rodriguez, Sylvain Chaty, Fernando Camilo, Francesca Fornasini, Farid Rahoui

1204.2908 (Jun Li et al.)

Cyclotron Resonance Energies and Orbital Elements of Accretion Pulsar 4U 0115+63 During the Giant Outburst in 2008    [PDF]

Jun Li, Wei Wang, Yongheng Zhao

1204.2960 (Gijs Nelemans et al.)

Theoretical Delay Time Distributions    [PDF]

Gijs Nelemans, Silvia Toonen, Madelon Bours

1204.2970 (R. Aloisio et al.)

SimProp: a Simulation Code for Ultra High Energy Cosmic Ray Propagation    [PDF]

R. Aloisio, D. Boncioli, A. F. Grillo, S. Petrera, F. Salamida

1204.2979 (V. Urpin)

Force-free pulsar magnetosphere: instability and generation of MHD waves    [PDF]

V. Urpin

1204.2993 (Jonathan N. Armour et al.)

CO Line Emission from Compact Nuclear Starburst Disks Around Active Galactic Nuclei    [PDF]

Jonathan N. Armour, David R. Ballantyne

1204.3053 (Caroline R. D'Angelo et al.)

Observable QPOs produced by steep pulse profiles in Magnetar Flares    [PDF]

Caroline R. D'Angelo, Anna L. Watts