Tuesday, March 13, 2012

1011.2233 (R. Negreiros et al.)

Quark core impact on hybrid star cooling    [PDF]

R. Negreiros, V. Dexheimer, S. Schramm

1104.5083 (M. De Domenico et al.)

Influence of cosmological models on the GZK horizon of ultrahigh energy protons    [PDF]

M. De Domenico, A. Insolia

1203.2179 (J. Takata et al.)

Modeling high-energy light curves of the PSR B1259-63/LS 2883 binary based on 3-D SPH simulation    [PDF]

J. Takata, A. T. Okazaki, S. Nagataki, T. Naito, S. -H. Lee, M. Mori, K. Hayasaki, M. S. Yamaguchi, S. P. Owocki

1203.2184 (D. Horns et al.)

Probing axion-like particles with the ultraviolet photon polarization from active galactic nuclei in radio galaxies    [PDF]

D. Horns, L. Maccione, A. Mirizzi, M. Roncadelli

1203.2188 (F. Yusef-Zadeh et al.)

An Inverse Compton Scattering Origin of X-ray Flares from Sgr A*    [PDF]

F. Yusef-Zadeh, M. Wardle, K. Dodds-Eden, C. O. Heinke, S. Gillessen, R. Genzel, H. Bushouse, N. Grosso, D. Porquet

1203.2312 (Peter Mendygral et al.)

MHD Simulations of AGN Jets in a Dynamic Galaxy Cluster Medium    [PDF]

Peter Mendygral, Tom Jones, Klaus Dolag

1203.2332 (Liang Li et al.)

A Comprehensive Study of Gamma-Ray Burst Optical Emission: I. Flares and Early Shallow Decay Component    [PDF]

Liang Li, En-Wei Liang, Qing-Wen Tang, Jie-Min Chen, Shao-Qiang Xi, Hou-Jun LV, Bing Zhang, Jin Zhang, Shuang-Xi Yi, Rui-Jing Lu, Lian-Zhong LV, Jian-Yan Wei

1203.2335 (Roberto Soria et al.)

The Birth of an Ultra-Luminous X-ray Source in M83    [PDF]

Roberto Soria, K. D. Kuntz, P. Frank Winkler, William P. Blair, Knox S. Long, Paul P. Plucinsky, Bradley C. Whitmore

1203.2469 (Andrzej A. Zdziarski et al.)

The MeV spectral tail in Cyg X-1 and optically-thin emission of jets    [PDF]

Andrzej A. Zdziarski, Piotr Lubinski, Marek Sikora

1203.2472 (M. Yu. Zotov et al.)

A Search for Small-Scale Anisotropy of PeV Cosmic Rays    [PDF]

M. Yu. Zotov, G. V. Kulikov

1203.2502 (S. Cisneros et al.)

On the Doppler effect for light from orbiting sources in Kerr-type metrics    [PDF]

S. Cisneros, G. Goedecke, C. Beetle, M. Engelhardt

1203.2520 (Iurii Sushch et al.)

VHE gamma-ray observations of the young synchrotron-dominated SNRs G1.9+0.3 and G330.2+1.0 with H.E.S.S    [PDF]

Iurii Sushch, Ryan C. G. Chaves, Manuel Paz Arribas, Francesca Volpe, Nukri Komin, Matthias Kerschhaggl, for the H. E. S. S. Collaboration

1203.2532 (Manuel Paz Arribas et al.)

H.E.S.S. deeper observations on SNR RX J0852.0-4622    [PDF]

Manuel Paz Arribas, Ullrich Schwanke, Iurii Sushch, Nukri Komin, Fabio Acero, Stefan Ohm, for the H. E. S. S. Collaboration

1203.2583 (R. Barnard et al.)

12 years of X-ray variability in M31 globular clusters, including 8 black hole candidates, as seen by Chandra    [PDF]

R. Barnard, M. Garcia, S. S. Murray