Monday, February 11, 2013

1302.1915 (Stefano Profumo et al.)

Gamma Rays from Cosmic-Ray Proton Scattering in AGN Jets: the Intra-Cluster Gas vastly outshines Dark Matter    [PDF]

Stefano Profumo, Lorenzo Ubaldi, Mikhail Gorchtein

1302.2021 (Jorick S. Vink et al.)

Very Massive Stars (VMS) in the Local Universe    [PDF]

Jorick S. Vink, Alexander Heger, Mark R. Krumholz, Joachim Puls

1302.2040 (Ronald Bruijn)

Supernova Detection in IceCube: Status and Future    [PDF]

Ronald Bruijn

1302.2053 (Samuel D. Bates et al.)

The pulsar spectral index distribution    [PDF]

Samuel D. Bates, Duncan R. Lorimer, Joris P. W. Verbiest

1302.2065 (Floyd W. Stecker)

An Empirical Determination of the EBL and the Gamma-ray Opacity of the Universe    [PDF]

Floyd W. Stecker

1302.2070 (Filippos Koliopanos et al.)

X-ray diagnostics of chemical composition of the accretion disk and donor star in ultra-compact X-ray binaries    [PDF]

Filippos Koliopanos, Marat Gilfanov, Lars Bildsten

1302.2083 (K. Wiersema)

Linear and circular polarimetry observations of GRB afterglows    [PDF]

K. Wiersema

1302.2090 (J. J. Rodes Roca et al.)

On the physical meaning of the 2.1 keV absorption feature in 4U 1538-52    [PDF]

J. J. Rodes Roca, J. M. Torrejón, S. Martínez-Núñez, G. Bernabéu