Friday, June 28, 2013

1306.6246 (Robson Z. Denke et al.)

The influence of a repulsive vector coupling in magnetized quark matter    [PDF]

Robson Z. Denke, Marcus Benghi Pinto

1306.6336 (Andrea Morandi et al.)

Measuring the gas clumping in Abell 133    [PDF]

Andrea Morandi, Wei Cui

1306.6416 (C. Pallanca et al.)

The optical counterpart to the X-ray transient IGR J18245-2452 in the globular cluster M28    [PDF]

C. Pallanca, E. Dalessandro, F. R. Ferraro, B. Lanzoni, G. Beccari, -

1306.6443 (L. Ducci et al.)

Swift/XRT orbital monitoring of the candidate supergiant fast X-ray transient IGR J17354-3255    [PDF]

L. Ducci, P. Romano, P. Esposito, E. Bozzo, H. A. Krimm, S. Vercellone, V. Mangano, J. A. Kennea

1306.6454 (G. Morlino et al.)

Broad Balmer line emission and cosmic ray acceleration efficiency in supernova remnant shocks    [PDF]

G. Morlino, P. Blasi, R. Bandiera, E. Amato

1306.6490 (S. Mineo et al.)

The spatial distribution of X-ray Binaries and Globular Clusters in NGC 4649 and their relation with the local stellar mass density    [PDF]

S. Mineo, G. Fabbiano, R. D'Abrusco, T. Fragos, D. -W. Kim, J. Strader, J. P. Brodie, J. S. Gallagher, A. Zezas, B. Luo

1306.6506 (Wen-Wu Tian et al.)

The Galactic NH - AV Relation and its Application to Historical Galactic SNRs    [PDF]

Wen-Wu Tian, Hongquan Su, F. Y. Xiang

1306.6509 (Hongquan Su et al.)

78 Pairs of Possible PSR-SNR Associations    [PDF]

Hongquan Su, Qing-Kang Li, Hui Zhu, Wen-Wu Tian

1306.6529 (M. Doert et al.)

High confidence AGN candidates among unidentified Fermi-LAT sources via statistical classification    [PDF]

M. Doert, M. Errando

1306.6556 (A. Stahl et al.)

Escape, capture, and levitation of matter in Eddington outbursts    [PDF]

A. Stahl, W. Kluźniak, M. Wielgus, M. Abramowicz

1306.6559 (Gabriela Aznar-Siguán et al.)

Detonations in white dwarf dynamical interactions    [PDF]

Gabriela Aznar-Siguán, Enrique García-Berro, Pablo Lorén-Aguilar, Jordi José, Jordi Isern

1306.6586 (Francesc Ferrer et al.)

The impact of the phase-space density on the indirect detection of dark matter    [PDF]

Francesc Ferrer, Daniel R. Hunter