Wednesday, April 11, 2012

1204.1970 (Amy E. Reines et al.)

Parsec-Scale Radio Emission from the Low-Luminosity Active Galactic Nucleus in the Dwarf Starburst Galaxy Henize 2-10    [PDF]

Amy E. Reines, Adam T. Deller

1204.2000 (Neil J. Cornish)

Gravitational Wave Astronomy: Needle in a Haystack    [PDF]

Neil J. Cornish

1204.2015 (Wenting Zhou et al.)

Spacetime curvature induced corrections to Lamb shift    [PDF]

Wenting Zhou, Hongwei Yu

1204.2028 (Mou-Yuan Sun et al.)

Gravitational Waves of Jet Precession in Gamma-ray Bursts    [PDF]

Mou-Yuan Sun, Tong Liu, Wei-Min Gu, Ju-Fu Lu

1204.2045 (L. Levin et al.)

Radio emission evolution, polarimetry and multifrequency single pulse analysis of the radio magnetar PSR J1622-4950    [PDF]

L. Levin, M. Bailes, S. D. Bates, N. D. R. Bhat, M. Burgay, S. Burke-Spolaor, N. D'Amico, S. Johnston, M. J. Keith, M. Kramer, S. Milia, A. Possenti, B. Stappers, W. van Straten

1204.2056 (A. Barnacka et al.)

New constraints on primordial black holes abundance from femtolensing of gamma-ray bursts    [PDF]

A. Barnacka, J. -F. Glicenstein, R. Moderski

1204.2076 (N. Chamel et al.)

Pairing: from atomic nuclei to neutron-star crusts    [PDF]

N. Chamel, J. M. Pearson, S. Goriely

1204.2078 (Allard Jan van Marle et al.)

A hydrodynamical model of the circumstellar bubble created by two massive stars    [PDF]

Allard Jan van Marle, Zakaria Meliani, Alexandre Marcowith

1204.2173 (I. Georgantopoulos)

Recent developments in the search for Compton-thick AGN    [PDF]

I. Georgantopoulos

1204.2199 (M. Y. Ge et al.)

X-ray Phase-Resolved Spectroscopy of PSRs B0531+21, B1509-58, and B0540-69 with RXTE    [PDF]

M. Y. Ge, F. J. Lu, J. L. Qu, S. J. Zheng, Y. Chen, D. W. Han

1204.2205 (Ulisses Barres de Almeida et al.)

A Simple Method to Test for Energy-Dependent Dispersion in High Energy Light-Curves of Astrophysical Sources    [PDF]

Ulisses Barres de Almeida, Michael Daniel