Wednesday, March 21, 2012

1108.1415 (Christopher C. Lindner et al.)

Simulations of Accretion Powered Supernovae in the Progenitors of Gamma Ray Bursts    [PDF]

Christopher C. Lindner, Milos Milosavljevic, Rongfeng Shen, Pawan Kumar

1109.3757 (Jing Lv et al.)

Lorentz Factor-Isotropic Luminosity/Energy Correlations of GRBS and Their Interpretation    [PDF]

Jing Lv, Yuan-Chuan Zou, Wei-Hua Lei, Bing Zhang, Qing-Wen Wu, Ding-Xiong Wang, En-Wei Liang, Hou-Jun Lv

1111.4258 (Dimitrios Giannios)

The peak energy of dissipative GRB photospheres    [PDF]

Dimitrios Giannios

1203.4228 (Ming Sun)

Hot Gas in Galaxy Groups: Recent Observations    [PDF]

Ming Sun

1203.4230 (F. Massaro et al.)

Searching for gamma-ray blazar candidates among the unidentified INTEGRAL sources    [PDF]

F. Massaro, A. Paggi, R. D'Abrusco, G. Tosti

1203.4233 (E. Ripamonti et al.)

Broad [OIII] in the globular cluster RZ 2109: X-ray ionized nova ejecta?    [PDF]

E. Ripamonti, M. Mapelli

1203.4237 (M. Mapelli et al.)

A minor merger scenario for the ultraluminous X-ray source ESO 243-49 HLX-1    [PDF]

M. Mapelli, L. Zampieri, L. Mayer

1203.4242 (Justin D. Finke et al.)

Cosmic Ray Electron Evolution in the Supernova Remnant RX J1713.7-3946    [PDF]

Justin D. Finke, Charles D. Dermer

1203.4263 (Elena Gallo et al.)

Assessing luminosity correlations via cluster analysis: Evidence for dual tracks in the radio/X-ray domain of black hole X-ray binaries    [PDF]

Elena Gallo, Brendan Miller, Rob Fender

1203.4265 (K. Wiersema et al.)

Detailed optical and near-infrared polarimetry, spectroscopy and broadband photometry of the afterglow of GRB 091018: Polarisation evolution    [PDF]

K. Wiersema, P. A. Curran, T. Kruehler, A. Melandri, E. Rol, R. L. C. Starling, N. R. Tanvir, A. J. van der Horst, S. Covino, J. P. U. Fynbo, P. Goldoni, J. Gorosabel, J. Hjorth, S. Klose, C. G. Mundell, P. T. O'Brien, E. Palazzi, R. A. M. J. Wijers, V. D'Elia, P. A. Evans, R. Filgas, A. Gomboc, J. Greiner, C. Guidorzi, L. Kaper, S. Kobayashi, C. Kouveliotou, A. J. Levan, A. Rossi, A. Rowlinson, I. A. Steele, A. de Ugarte Postigo, S. D. Vergani

1203.4276 (Ciprian T. Berghea et al.)

Spitzer Observations of MF 16 Nebula and the associated Ultraluminous X-ray Source    [PDF]

Ciprian T. Berghea, Rachel P. Dudik

1203.4291 (Jingbo Wang et al.)

Recent glitches detected in the Crab pulsar    [PDF]

Jingbo Wang, Na Wang, Hao Tong, Jianping Yuan

1203.4338 (Jameel-Un Nabi)

rp-Process weak-interaction mediated rates of waiting-point nuclei    [PDF]

Jameel-Un Nabi

1203.4344 (Jameel-Un Nabi)

Neutrino cooling rates due to $^{54,55,56}$Fe for presupernova evolution of massive stars    [PDF]

Jameel-Un Nabi

1203.4352 (Thibault Damour et al.)

Measurability of the tidal polarizability of neutron stars in late-inspiral gravitational-wave signals    [PDF]

Thibault Damour, Alessandro Nagar, Loic Villain

1203.4372 (Calanit Dotan et al.)

The Super-Eddington Nature of Super Massive Stars    [PDF]

Calanit Dotan, Nir J. Shaviv

1203.4383 (W. Bednarek)

Gamma-rays from electrons accelerated by rotating magnetized White Dwarfs in Globular Clusters    [PDF]

W. Bednarek

1203.4466 (L. Warszawski et al.)

Gravitational-wave bursts and stochastic background from superfluid vortex avalanches during pulsar glitches    [PDF]

L. Warszawski, A. Melatos

1203.4506 (Jose A. Pons et al.)

Modeling magnetar outbursts: Flux enhancements and the connection with short bursts and glitches    [PDF]

Jose A. Pons, Nanda Rea