Tuesday, August 14, 2012

1208.2347 (Z. Lucas Uhm et al.)

Dynamics and Afterglow Light Curves of GRB Blast Waves with a Long-lived Reverse Shock    [PDF]

Z. Lucas Uhm, Bing Zhang, Romain Hascoet, Frederic Daigne, Robert Mochkovitch, Il H. Park

1208.2422 (Krzysztof Belczynski et al.)

High Mass X-ray Binaries: Future Evolution and Fate    [PDF]

Krzysztof Belczynski, Tomasz Bulik, Chris L. Fryer

1208.2443 (Włodek Kluźniak)

Coronal ejection and heating in variable-luminosity X-ray sources    [PDF]

Włodek Kluźniak

1208.2471 (D. Fargion et al.)

UHECR bending, clustering and decaying feeding gamma anisotropy    [PDF]

D. Fargion, D. D'Armiento, P. Paggi

1208.2493 (Donghua Zhao et al.)

Influence of the Earth on the background and the sensitivity of the GRM and ECLAIRs instruments aboard the Chinese-French mission SVOM    [PDF]

Donghua Zhao, Bertrand Cordier, Patrick Sizun, Bobing Wu, Yongwei Dong, Stéphane Schanne, Liming Song, Jiangtao Liu

1208.2499 (Ritam Mallick et al.)

Phase transitions of Neutron stars and its connection with high energetic bursts in astrophysics    [PDF]

Ritam Mallick, P. K. Sahu

1208.2599 (F. Taddia et al.)

Supernova 2008J: early time observations of a heavily reddened SN 2002ic-like transient    [PDF]

F. Taddia, M. D. Stritzinger, M. M. Phillips, C. R. Burns, E. Heinrich-Josties, N. Morrell, J. Sollerman, S. Valenti, J. P. Anderson, L. Boldt, A. Campillay, S. Castellon, C. Contreras, G. Folatelli, W. L. Freedman, M. Hamuy, W. Krzeminski, G. Leloudas, K. Maeda, S. E. Persson, M. Roth, N. B. Suntzeff