Friday, September 21, 2012

1009.3316 (James Fuller et al.)

Tidal Excitation of Oscillation Modes in Compact White Dwarf Binaries: I. Linear Theory    [PDF]

James Fuller, Dong Lai

1108.0288 (Mandar Patil et al.)

Acceleration of particles and shells by Reissner-Nordström naked singularities    [PDF]

Mandar Patil, Pankaj S. Joshi, Masashi Kimura, Ken-ichi Nakao

1209.4359 (T. Hassan et al.)

Gamma-Ray Active Galactic Nucleus Type through Machine-Learning Algorithms    [PDF]

T. Hassan, N. Mirabal, J. L. Contreras, I. Oya

1209.4366 (Federico García et al.)

On the origin of the jet-like radio/X-ray morphology of G290.1-0.8    [PDF]

Federico García, Jorge A. Combi, Juan F. Albacete-Colombo, Gustavo E. Romero, Fabrizio Bocchino, Javier López-Santiago

1209.4393 (Mohammad A. F. Basha)

Two distinct phases in the first 13 seconds of GRB110731a prompt emission    [PDF]

Mohammad A. F. Basha

1209.4409 (Dan Mazur)

Nonperturbative Quantum Field Theory in Astrophysics    [PDF]

Dan Mazur

1209.4427 (Wei-Hua Lei et al.)

Hyper-accreting black hole as GRB central engine. I: Baryon loading in GRB jets    [PDF]

Wei-Hua Lei, Bing Zhang, En-Wei Liang

1209.4501 (Maxim Eingorn et al.)

Viable Kaluza-Klein models with spherical compactification: multicomponent background    [PDF]

Maxim Eingorn, Seyed Hossein Fakhr, Alexander Zhuk

1209.4518 (Martin Krause et al.)

Superbubble dynamics in globular cluster infancy I. How do globular clusters first lose their cold gas?    [PDF]

Martin Krause, Corinne Charbonnel, Thibaut Decressin, Georges Meynet, Nikos Prantzos, Roland Diehl

1209.4522 (Tong Liu et al.)

Radial Angular Momentum Transfer and Magnetic Barrier for Short-Type Gamma-Ray Burst Central Engine Activity    [PDF]

Tong Liu, En-Wei Liang, Wei-Min Gu, Shu-Jin Hou, Wei-Hua Lei, Lin Lin, Zi-Gao Dai, Shuang-Nan Zhang

1209.4524 (E. Bon et al.)

The First Spectroscopically Resolved Sub-parsec Orbit of a Supermassive Binary Black Hole    [PDF]

E. Bon, P. Jovanović, P. Marziani, A. I. Shapovalova, N. Bon, V. Borka Jovanović, D. Borka, J. Sulentic, L. Č. Popović

1209.4548 (Andi Hektor et al.)

Fermi-LAT gamma-ray signal from Earth Limb, systematic detector effects and their implications for the 130 GeV gamma-ray excess    [PDF]

Andi Hektor, Martti Raidal, Elmo Tempel

1209.4562 (Douglas P. Finkbeiner et al.)

Is the 130 GeV Line Real? A Search for Systematics in the Fermi-LAT Data    [PDF]

Douglas P. Finkbeiner, Meng Su, Christoph Weniger

1209.4599 (Samia Drappeau et al.)

Self-consistent spectra from radiative GRMHD simulations of accretion onto Sgr A*    [PDF]

Samia Drappeau, Salomé Dibi, Jason Dexter, Sera Markoff, P. Chris Fragile