Friday, March 30, 2012

1102.5098 (Warrick H. Ball et al.)

The structure and evolution of quasi-stars    [PDF]

Warrick H. Ball, Christopher A. Tout, Anna N. Zytkow, John J. Eldridge

1104.0819 (Christopher P. L. Berry et al.)

Linearized f(R) Gravity: Gravitational Radiation & Solar System Tests    [PDF]

Christopher P. L. Berry, Jonathan R. Gair

1203.6352 (Jay Strader et al.)

No Evidence for Intermediate-Mass Black Holes in Globular Clusters: Strong Constraints from the JVLA    [PDF]

Jay Strader, Laura Chomiuk, Thomas Maccarone, James Miller-Jones, Anil Seth, Craig Heinke, Gregory Sivakoff

1203.6449 (N. Rea et al.)

A new low magnetic field magnetar: the 2011 outburst of Swift J1822.3-1606    [PDF]

N. Rea, G. L. Israel, P. Esposito, J. A. Pons, A. Camero-Arranz, R. P. Mignani, R. Turolla, S. Zane, M. Burgay, A. Possenti, S. Campana, T. Enoto, N. Gehrels, E. Gogus, D. Gotz, C. Kouveliotou, K. Makishima, S. Mereghetti, S. R. Oates, D. M. Palmer, R. Perna, L. Stella, A. Tiengo

1203.6458 (V. I. Zatsepin et al.)

A United Model for the cosmic ray energy spectra and anisotropy in the energy range 100 - 100 000 GeV    [PDF]

V. I. Zatsepin, A. D. Panov, N. V. Sokolskaya

1203.6530 (Walid J. Azzam)

Dependence of the GRB Lag-Luminosity Relation on Redshift in the Source Frame    [PDF]

Walid J. Azzam

1203.6544 (Charles D. Dermer et al.)

Variable Gamma-ray Emission Induced by Ultra-High Energy Neutral Beams: Application to 4C +21.35    [PDF]

Charles D. Dermer, Kohta Murase, Hajime Takami

1203.6545 (Wilfried Domainko et al.)

Exploring the nature of the unidentified VHE gamma-ray source HESS J1507-622    [PDF]

Wilfried Domainko, Stefan Ohm

1203.6629 (Brock R. Russell et al.)

Swift X-Ray Upper Limits on Type Ia Supernova Environments    [PDF]

Brock R. Russell, Stefan Immler