Thursday, June 14, 2012

1105.6096 (Brian D. Metzger)

Nuclear-dominated accretion and subluminous supernovae from the merger of a white dwarf with a neutron star or black hole    [PDF]

Brian D. Metzger

1110.1111 (Brian D. Metzger et al.)

Afterglow Model for the Radio Emission from the Jetted Tidal Disruption Candidate Swift J1644+57    [PDF]

Brian D. Metzger, Dimitrios Giannios, Petar Mimica

1206.2643 (Nathan E. Sanders et al.)

A Spectroscopic Study of Type Ibc Supernova Host Galaxies from Untargeted Surveys    [PDF]

Nathan E. Sanders, Alicia M. Soderberg, Emily M. Levesque, Ryan J. Foley, Ryan Chornock, Dan Milisavljevic, Raffaella Margutti, Edo Berger, Maria R. Drout, Ian Czekala, Jason A. Dittmann

1206.2647 (Giovanni P. Rosotti et al.)

Response of a circumbinary accretion disc to black hole mass loss    [PDF]

Giovanni P. Rosotti, Giuseppe Lodato, Daniel J. Price

1206.2659 (Emily M. Levesque)

Gamma-ray Burst Host Galaxies as Probes of Galaxy Formation and Evolution    [PDF]

Emily M. Levesque

1206.2727 (A. Patruno et al.)

Accreting Millisecond X-Ray Pulsars    [PDF]

A. Patruno, A. L. Watts

1206.2784 (Rodrigo Alvares de Souza et al.)

Reducing the parameter space for Unparticle-inspired models using white dwarf masses    [PDF]

Rodrigo Alvares de Souza, J. E. Horvath

1206.2819 (S. B. Popov et al.)

Initial parameters of neutron stars    [PDF]

S. B. Popov, R. Turolla

1206.2841 (A. Mosallanezhad et al.)

Structure of ADAFs in a general large-Scale B-field: The role of wind and thermal conduction    [PDF]

A. Mosallanezhad, M. Khajavi, S. Abbassi

1206.2848 (Konstantinos Leventis et al.)

Practical flux-prescriptions for gamma-ray burst afterglows, from early to late times    [PDF]

Konstantinos Leventis, Hendrik J. van Eerten, Zakaria Meliani, Ralph A. M. J. Wijers

1206.2863 (Zhaofeng Kang et al.)

Brightening the (130 GeV) Gamma-Ray Line    [PDF]

Zhaofeng Kang, Tianjun Li, Jinmian Li, Yandong Liu

1206.2887 (L. Izzo et al.)

GRB 090618: The First Example of a Neutron Star Gravitational Collapse to a Black Hole Induced by a Type Ib/c Supernova    [PDF]

L. Izzo, Jorge A. Rueda, R. Ruffini

1206.2895 (Mitchell B. Mickaliger et al.)

Discovery of Two New Pulsars in Archival Data    [PDF]

Mitchell B. Mickaliger, Duncan R. Lorimer, Jason Boyles, Maura A. McLaughlin, Adam Collins, Logan Hough, Nathan Tehrani, Craig Tenney

1206.2899 (Charles D. Dermer)

Diffuse Galactic Gamma Rays from Shock-Accelerated Cosmic Rays    [PDF]

Charles D. Dermer

1206.2910 (Neal Weiner et al.)

How Dark Are Majorana WIMPs? Signals from MiDM and Rayleigh Dark Matter    [PDF]

Neal Weiner, Itay Yavin