Monday, August 5, 2013

1308.0328 (Amy E. Reines et al.)

Dwarf Galaxies with Optical Signatures of Active Massive Black Holes    [PDF]

Amy E. Reines, Jenny E. Greene, Marla Geha

1308.0330 (F. Massaro et al.)

Unveiling the nature of the unidentified gamma-ray sources III: gamma-ray blazar-like counterparts at low radio frequencies    [PDF]

F. Massaro, R. D'Abrusco, M. Giroletti, A. Paggi, N. Masetti, G. Tosti, M. Nori, S. Funk

1308.0334 (Anthony L. Piro et al.)

Reconciling 56Ni Production in Type Ia Supernovae with Double Degenerate Scenarios    [PDF]

Anthony L. Piro, Todd A. Thompson, Christopher S. Kochanek

1308.0338 (Kathryn M. Zurek)

Asymmetric Dark Matter: Theories, Signatures, and Constraints    [PDF]

Kathryn M. Zurek

1308.0340 (Avery E. Broderick et al.)

Implications of Plasma Beam Instabilities for the Statistics of the Fermi Hard Gamma-ray Blazars and the Origin of the Extragalactic Gamma-Ray Background    [PDF]

Avery E. Broderick, Christoph Pfrommer, Ewald Puchwein, Philip Chang

1308.0358 (Fermi/LAT collaboration)

PSR J2021+4026 in the Gamma Cygni region: the first variable gamma-ray pulsar seen by the Fermi LAT    [PDF]

Fermi/LAT collaboration

1308.0378 (Ewan D. Barr et al.)

The Northern High Time Resolution Universe Pulsar Survey I: Setup and initial discoveries    [PDF]

Ewan D. Barr, David J. Champion, Michael Kramer, Ralph P. Eatough, Paulo C. C. Freire, Ramesh Karuppusamy, K. J. Lee, Joris P. W. Verbiest, Cees G. Bassa, Andrew G. Lyne, Benjamin Stappers, Duncan R. Lorimer, Bernd Klein

1308.0411 (Sachindra Naik)

X-ray and Infrared Properties of Be/X-ray Binary Pulsars    [PDF]

Sachindra Naik

1308.0431 (Lucio Mayer)

Massive Black Hole binaries in gas-rich galaxy mergers; multiple regimes of orbital decay and interplay with gas inflows    [PDF]

Lucio Mayer

1308.0433 (Dorit Eisenacher et al.)

The Aftermath of an Exceptional TeV Flare in the AGN Jet of IC 310    [PDF]

Dorit Eisenacher, Pierre Colin, Saverio Lombardi, Julian Sitarek, Fabio Zandanel, Francisco Prada, Elina Linfors, David Paneque, Dominik Elsässer, Karl Mannheim, for the MAGIC Collaboration, Cornelia Müller, for the Fermi-LAT Collaboration, Thomas Dauser, Felicia Krauß, Sven Wilbert, Matthias Kadler, Jörn Wilms, Uwe Bach, Eduardo Ros, Talvikki Hovatta, for the OVRO team, Tuomas Savolainen, for the MOJAVE team

1308.0475 (Hélène Laffon et al.)

Discovery of the mysterious gamma-ray source HESS J1832-093 in the vicinity of SNR G22.7-0.2    [PDF]

Hélène Laffon, Fabio Acero, Francois Brun, Bruno Khélifi, Gerd Pühlhofer, Régis Terrier, for the H. E. S. S. Collaboration

1308.0492 (Fabio Zandanel et al.)

MAGIC Gamma-ray Observations of the Perseus Galaxy Cluster    [PDF]

Fabio Zandanel, Pierre Colin, Saverio Lombardi, Dorit Eisenacher, Dorothee Hildebrand, Francisco Prada, for the MAGIC Collaboration, Christoph Pfrommer, Anders Pinzke

1308.0506 (Sandro Mereghetti et al.)

The variable X-ray emission of PSR B0943+10    [PDF]

Sandro Mereghetti, Andrea Tiengo, Paolo Esposito, Roberto Turolla