Thursday, July 18, 2013

1307.4397 (M. Gaspari et al.)

Constraining turbulence and conduction in the hot ICM through density perturbations    [PDF]

M. Gaspari, E. Churazov

1307.4396 (Magnus Axelsson et al.)

An imperfect double: probing the physical origin of the low-frequency QPO and its harmonic in black hole binaries    [PDF]

Magnus Axelsson, Chris Done, Linnea Hjalmarsdotter

1307.4401 (D. A. Perley et al.)

The Afterglow of GRB 130427A from 1 to 10^16 GHz    [PDF]

D. A. Perley, S. B. Cenko, A. Corsi, N. R. Tanvir, A. J. Levan, D. A. Kann, E. Sonbas, K. Wiersema, W. Zheng, X. -H. Zhao, J. -M. Bai, L. Chang, K. Clubb, D. Frail, A. Fruchter, E. Göğüş, J. Greiner, T. Güver, A. Horesh, A. V. Filippenko, S. Klose, J. Mao, A. N. Morgan, S. Schmidl, B. Stecklum, M. Tanga, J. -G. Wang, Y. -X. Xin

1307.4414 (Vikram V Dwarkadas)

Exploring the Gamma-Ray Emissivity of Young Supernova Remnants I: Hadronic Emission    [PDF]

Vikram V Dwarkadas

1307.4455 (Dany Page et al.)

Forecasting neutron star temperatures: predictability and variability    [PDF]

Dany Page, Sanjay Reddy

1307.4484 (Nigel I. Maxted et al.)

Interstellar gas towards CTB 37A and the TeV gamma-ray source HESS J1714-385    [PDF]

Nigel I. Maxted, Gavin P. Rowell, Bruce R. Dawson, Michael G. Burton, Yasuo Fukui, Andrew Walsh, Akiko Kawamura, Hirotaka Horachi, Hidetoshi Sano, Satoshi Yoshiike, Tatsuya Fukuda

1307.4507 (Claudio Ricci et al.)

The role of the Gamma-Eddington ratio relation on the X-ray Baldwin effect in Active Galactic Nuclei    [PDF]

Claudio Ricci, Stephane Paltani, Yoshihiro Ueda, Hisamitsu Awaki

1307.4517 (Jin Jun Geng et al.)

Delayed Energy Injection Model For Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglows    [PDF]

Jin Jun Geng, Xue-Feng Wu, Yong-Feng Wu, Yong-Bo Yu

1307.4534 (D. A. Sanchez et al.)

Enrico : a Python package to simplify Fermi-LAT analysis    [PDF]

D. A. Sanchez, C. Deil

1307.4555 (P. Eger et al.)

Search for Very-high-energy gamma-ray emission from Galactic globular clusters with H.E.S.S    [PDF]

P. Eger, C. van Eldik, for the H. E. S. S. Collaboration

1307.4586 (Louise Oakes et al.)

Impact of the Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) altitude on Dark Matter searches in the Milky Way Halo    [PDF]

Louise Oakes, Emrah Birsin, Gernot Maier, Ullrich Schwanke, for the CTA Consortium

1307.4639 (The ASTRI Collaboration)

ASTRI contributions to the 33rd International Cosmic Ray Conference (ICRC-2013)    [PDF]

The ASTRI Collaboration

1307.4690 (S. Carrigan et al.)

The H.E.S.S. Galactic Plane Survey - maps, source catalog and source population    [PDF]

S. Carrigan, F. Brun, R. C. G. Chaves, C. Deli, A. Donath, H. Gast, V. Marandon, M. Renaud FOR THE H. E. S. S. COLLABORATION

1307.4704 (Dimitra Atri et al.)

Galactic cosmic ray induced radiation dose on terrestrial exoplanets    [PDF]

Dimitra Atri, B. Hariharan, Jean-Mathias Griessmeier

1307.4719 (R. A. Ong et al.)

Characterization of Potential U.S. Sites for the Cherenkov Telescope Array    [PDF]

R. A. Ong, T. Aune, J. Hall, for the CTA Consortium