Wednesday, April 24, 2013

1304.6082 (Fermi-LAT Collaboration)

The Fermi All-sky Variability Analysis: A list of flaring gamma-ray sources and the search for transients in our Galaxy    [PDF]

Fermi-LAT Collaboration

1304.6090 (Stuart L. Shapiro)

Accretion Disks Around Binary Black Holes: A Simple GR-Hybrid Evolution Model    [PDF]

Stuart L. Shapiro

1304.6091 (Joseph Neilsen)

The Case for Massive, Evolving Winds in Black Hole X-ray Binaries    [PDF]

Joseph Neilsen

1304.6137 (Brian C. Lacki)

The Fermi Bubbles as Starburst Wind Termination Shocks    [PDF]

Brian C. Lacki

1304.6142 (Brian C. Lacki)

The Ultimate Fate of Cosmic Rays from Galaxies and their Role in the Intergalactic Medium    [PDF]

Brian C. Lacki

1304.6252 (Chandreyee Maitra et al.)

Pulse phase dependent variations of the cyclotron absorption features of the accreting pulsars A 0535+26, XTE J1946+274 and 4U 1907+09 with Suzaku    [PDF]

Chandreyee Maitra, Biswajit Paul

1304.6336 (Y. Y. Chun et al.)

Multiwavelength observations of the black hole transient XTE J1752-223 during its 2010 outburst decay    [PDF]

Y. Y. Chun, T. Din\ccer, E. Kalemci, T. G├╝ver, J. A. Tomsick, M. M. Buxton, C. Brocksopp, S. Corbel, A. Cabrera-Lavers

1304.6364 (C. T. Britt et al.)

Identification of 5 Interacting Binaries in the Galactic Bulge Survey    [PDF]

C. T. Britt, M. A. P. Torres, R. I. Hynes, P. G. Jonker, T. J. Maccarone, S. Greiss, D. Steeghs, P. Groot, C. Knigge, A. Dieball, G. Nelemans, V. J. Mikles, L. Gossen

1304.6367 (Andrew W. Smith et al.)

CF2 White Paper: Status and Prospects of The VERITAS Indirect Dark Matter Detection Program    [PDF]

Andrew W. Smith, Ralph Bird, James Buckley, Karen Byrum, John Finley, Nicola Galante, Alex Garinger-Sameth, David Hanna, Jamie Holder, David Kieda, Savvas Koushiappas, Rene A. Ong, David Staszak, Ben Zitzer

1304.6372 (Tina Lund et al.)

Combining collective, MSW, and turbulence effects in supernova neutrino flavor evolution    [PDF]

Tina Lund, James P. Kneller

1304.6377 (Dong-Woo Kim et al.)

X-ray Scaling Relation in Early-Type Galaxies: Dark Matter as a Primary Factor in Retaining Hot Gas    [PDF]

Dong-Woo Kim, Giuseppina Fabbiano