Monday, December 10, 2012

1212.1453 (N. Degenaar et al.)

A direct measurement of the heat release in the outer crust of the transiently accreting neutron star XTE J1709-267    [PDF]

N. Degenaar, R. Wijnands, J. M. Miller

1212.1457 (Philipp Baerwald et al.)

Estimation of the neutrino flux and resulting constraints on hadronic emission models for Cyg X-3 using AGILE data    [PDF]

Philipp Baerwald, Dafne Guetta

1212.1461 (Nathan W. C. Leigh et al.)

Gas depletion in primordial globular clusters due to accretion onto stellar-mass black holes    [PDF]

Nathan W. C. Leigh, Torsten Boker, Thomas J. Maccarone, Hagai B. Perets

1212.1477 (Sam R. Dolan)

Superradiant instabilities of rotating black holes in the time domain    [PDF]

Sam R. Dolan

1212.1486 (A. Panaitescu et al.)

The possible ubiquity of energy injection in Gamma-Ray Burst afterglows    [PDF]

A. Panaitescu, W. T. Vestrand

1212.1498 (Sergio A. Dzib et al.)

Multi-Epoch VLBA Observations of the Compact Wind-Collision Region in the Quadruple System Cyg OB2 #5    [PDF]

Sergio A. Dzib, Luis F. Rodriguez, Laurent Loinard, Amy J. Mioduszewski, Gisela N. Ortiz-Leon, Anabella T. Araudo

1212.1538 (Chandreyee Maitra et al.)

Pulse phase resolved spectroscopy of Vela X-1 with Suzaku    [PDF]

Chandreyee Maitra, Biswajit Paul

1212.1549 (M. V. del Valle et al.)

Is the bowshock of the runaway massive star HD 195592 a Fermi source?    [PDF]

M. V. del Valle, G. E. Romero, M. De Becker

1212.1554 (Yael Naze et al.)

A detailed X-ray investigation of zeta Puppis - The variability on short and long timescales    [PDF]

Yael Naze, Lidia M. Oskinova, Eric Gosset

1212.1556 (A. M. Bykov et al.)

Non-linear model of particle acceleration at colliding shock flows    [PDF]

A. M. Bykov, P. E. Gladilin, S. M. Osipov

1212.1615 (D. de Martino et al.)

X-ray follow-ups of the mysterious source XSSJ12270-4859: a LMXB with high energy Gamma ray FERMI/LAT association    [PDF]

D. de Martino, T. Belloni, M. Falanga, A. Papitto, S. Motta, A. Pellizzoni, Y. Evangelista, G. Piano, N. Masetti, J. -M. Bonnet-Bidaud, M. Mouchet, K. Mukai, A. Possenti

1212.1622 (H. Benhabiles-Mezhoud et al.)

Deexcitation nuclear gamma-ray line emission from low-energy cosmic rays in the inner Galaxy    [PDF]

H. Benhabiles-Mezhoud, J. Kiener, V. Tatischeff, A. W. Strong

1212.1683 (Yoshiyuki Inoue et al.)

Extragalactic Background Light from Hierarchical Galaxy Formation: Gamma-ray Attenuation up to the Epoch of Cosmic Reionization and the First Stars    [PDF]

Yoshiyuki Inoue, Susumu Inoue, Masakazu A. R. Kobayashi, Ryu Makiya, Yuu Niino, Tomonori Totani