Wednesday, April 3, 2013

1304.0073 (Yuanyue Pan et al.)

Minimum Accretion Rate for Millisecond Pulsar Formation in Binary System    [PDF]

Yuanyue Pan, Chengmin Zhang, Na Wang

1304.0095 (D. Milisavljevic et al.)

SN 2012au: A Golden Link Between Super-Luminous Supernovae and Their Lower-Luminosity Counterparts    [PDF]

D. Milisavljevic, A. Soderberg, R. Margutti, M. Drout, G. Marion, N. Sanders, E. Hsiao, R. Lunnan, R. Chornock, R. Fesen, J. Parrent, E. Levesque, E. Berger, R. Foley, P. Challis, R. Kirshner, J. Dittmann, A. Bieryla, A. Kamble, S. Chakroborti, G. De Rosa, M. Fausnaugh, K. Hainline, C. Chen, R. Hickox, N. Morrell, M. Phillips, M. Stritzinger

1304.0163 (Akira Mizuta et al.)

Opening Angle of Collapsar Jets    [PDF]

Akira Mizuta, Kunihito Ioka

1304.0248 (Ori D. Fox et al.)

Late-Time Circumstellar Interaction in a Spitzer Selected Sample of Type IIn Supernovae    [PDF]

Ori D. Fox, Alexei V. Filippenko, Michael F. Skrutskie, Jeffrey M. Silverman, Mohan Ganeshalingam, S. Bradley Cenko, Kelsey I. Clubb

1304.0324 (A. Vecchio et al.)

The positron density in the intergalactic medium and the galactic 511 keV line    [PDF]

A. Vecchio, A. C. Vincent, J. Miralda-Escude, C. Pena-Garay

1304.0348 (P. Minaev et al.)

Investigation of the spectral lag - energy relation of GRBs registered by INTEGRAL    [PDF]

P. Minaev, A. Pozanenko, S. Grebenev, S. Molkov

1304.0397 (Marek Nikolajuk et al.)

Tidal disruption of a super-Jupiter by a massive black hole    [PDF]

Marek Nikolajuk, Roland Walter

1304.0416 (Yoel Rephaeli et al.)

Nonthermal Emission from Star-Forming Galaxies    [PDF]

Yoel Rephaeli, Massimo Persic

1304.0452 (F. Massaro et al.)

A Chandra Snapshot Survey for 3C Radio Galaxies with redshifts between 0.3 and 0.5    [PDF]

F. Massaro, D. E. Harris, G. Tremblay, E. Liuzzo, A. Bonafede, A. Paggi

1304.0493 (Stanislav R. Kelner et al.)

On the Jitter Radiation    [PDF]

Stanislav R. Kelner, Felix A. Aharonian, Dmitry Khangulyan

1304.0495 (L. M. Bozzetto et al.)

Multifrequency study of SNR J0533-7202, a new supernova remnant in the LMC    [PDF]

L. M. Bozzetto, M. D. Filipović, E. J. Crawford, M. Sasaki, P. Maggi, F. Haberl, D. Urošević, J. L. Payne, A. Y. De Horta, M. Stupar, R. Gruendl, J. Dickel

1304.0529 (Shahar Hod)

Asymptotic spectrum of the oblate spin-weighted spheroidal harmonics: a WKB analysis    [PDF]

Shahar Hod

1304.0543 (Yuanyue Pan et al.)

Seven Pulsars in Binary Systems above the Spin-up Line    [PDF]

Yuanyue Pan, Na Wang

1304.0548 (Kotaro Fujisawa et al.)

Counter effects of meridional flows and magnetic fields in stationary axisymmetric self-gravitating barotropes under the ideal MHD approximation: clear examples - toroidal configurations    [PDF]

Kotaro Fujisawa, Rohta Takahashi, Shijun Yoshida, Yoshiharu Eriguchi

1304.0549 (Kotaro Fujisawa et al.)

Coexistence of oppositely flowing multi-$\varphi$-currents: Key to large toroidal magnetic fields within stars    [PDF]

Kotaro Fujisawa, Yoshiharu Eriguchi

1304.0584 (Orhan Donmez)

On the development of instability of the black hole-torus systems and quasi periodic oscillations    [PDF]

Orhan Donmez

1304.0587 (Ryo Tsutsui et al.)

Universal scaling law in long gamma-ray bursts    [PDF]

Ryo Tsutsui, Toshikazu Shigeyama

1304.0605 (M. Boettcher et al.)

Leptonic and Hadronic Modeling of Fermi-Detected Blazars    [PDF]

M. Boettcher, A. Reimer, K. Sweeney, A. Prakash

1304.0644 (Alexander Shatskiy et al.)

Special features in the asymptotic expression of the electromagnetic spectrum from dipole which free fall into a Schwarzschild black hole    [PDF]

Alexander Shatskiy, Igor Novikov, Liliya Lipatova

1304.0689 (Nathan Smith)

The Crab Nebula and the class of Type IIn-P supernovae caused by sub-energetic electron capture explosions    [PDF]

Nathan Smith

1304.0700 (Denis Wouters et al.)

Constraints on axion-like particles from gamma-ray astronomy with H.E.S.S    [PDF]

Denis Wouters, Pierre Brun, for the HESS collaboration