Friday, February 22, 2013

1302.5112 (David Eichler et al.)

Is the Galactic Cosmic Ray Spectrum Constant in Time?    [PDF]

David Eichler, Rahul Kumar, Martin Pohl

1302.5141 (Robin Corbet et al.)

Looking for Stars and Finding the Moon: Effects of Lunar Gamma-ray Emission on Fermi LAT Light Curves    [PDF]

Robin Corbet, C. C. Cheung, Matthew Kerr, Paul S. Ray

1302.5211 (Jian Li et al.)

INTEGRAL & RXTE View of Gamma-ray Binaries    [PDF]

Jian Li, Diego F. Torres, Shu Zhang, Jianmin Wang

1302.5260 (P B Jones)

An incomplete model of RRATs and of nulls mode-changes and subpulses    [PDF]

P B Jones

1302.5276 (L. Amati et al.)

The LOFT contribution to GRB science    [PDF]

L. Amati, E. Del Monte, V. D'Elia, B. Gendre, R. Salvaterra, G. Stratta

1302.5319 (Pisin Chen)

Constraining GRB as Source for UHE Cosmic Rays through Neutrino Observations    [PDF]

Pisin Chen

1302.5347 (Sandro Mereghetti)

Ten years of the INTEGRAL Burst Alert System (IBAS)    [PDF]

Sandro Mereghetti

1302.5356 (Remo Ruffini et al.)

Gravitational and electric energies in collapse of spherically thin capacitor    [PDF]

Remo Ruffini, She-Sheng Xue

1302.5359 (M. N. Mazziotta et al.)

A simple Local Interstellar Spectrum model to fit the proton fluxes measured by the AMS and PAMELA detectors    [PDF]

M. N. Mazziotta, F. Loparco