Thursday, November 17, 2011

1101.3909 (Houri Ziaeepour et al.)

Broad band simulation of Gamma Ray Bursts (GRB) prompt emission in presence of an external magnetic field    [PDF]

Houri Ziaeepour, Brian Gardner

1103.1082 (Mandar Patil et al.)

Kerr Naked Singularities as Particle Accelerators    [PDF]

Mandar Patil, Pankaj S. Joshi

1103.1083 (Mandar Patil et al.)

High Energy Particle Collisions in Superspinning Kerr Geometry    [PDF]

Mandar Patil, Pankaj S. Joshi

1110.6660 (Rouzbeh Allahverdi et al.)

Extragalactic and galactic gamma-rays and neutrinos from annihilating dark matter    [PDF]

Rouzbeh Allahverdi, Sheldon Campbell, Bhaskar Dutta

1111.2692 (L. Zimmermann et al.)

Analysis of hard X-ray/high energy data from LS I +61°303 based on implications from its 4.6 yr periodicity    [PDF]

L. Zimmermann, V. Grinberg, M. Massi, J. Wilms

1111.3648 (Tony Pan et al.)

Pair-Instability Supernovae via Collision Runaway in Young Dense Star Clusters    [PDF]

Tony Pan, Abraham Loeb, Daniel Kasen

1111.3708 (Sean T. McWilliams)

Geostationary Antenna for Disturbance-Free Laser Interferometry (GADFLI)    [PDF]

Sean T. McWilliams

1111.3754 (The Fermi LAT Collaboration)

Fermi Detection of a Luminous Gamma-ray Pulsar in a Globular Cluster    [PDF]

The Fermi LAT Collaboration

1111.3779 (Gerard Fitzpatrick et al.)

Uncovering low-level Fermi/GBM emission using orbital background subtraction    [PDF]

Gerard Fitzpatrick, Valerie Connaughton, Sheila McBreen, Dave Tierney

1111.3780 (R. C. Tautz)

On Simplified Numerical Turbulence Models in Test-particle Simulations    [PDF]

R. C. Tautz

1111.3804 (D. Klochkov et al.)

Quasi-periodic flares in EXO 2030+375 observed with INTEGRAL    [PDF]

D. Klochkov, C. Ferrigno, A. Santangelo, R. Staubert, P. Kretschmar, I. Caballero, K. Postnov, C. A. Wilson-Hodge

1111.3817 (Harshal Bhadkamkar et al.)

Collective Properties of X-ray Binary Populations of Galaxies. I. Luminosity and Orbital Period Distributions of High-Mass X-ray Binaries    [PDF]

Harshal Bhadkamkar, Pranab Ghosh

1111.3868 (Sheetal Saxena et al.)

Constraints on dark matter annihilation from M87: Signatures of prompt and inverse-Compton gamma rays    [PDF]

Sheetal Saxena, Alexander Summa, Dominik Elsässer, Michael Rüger, Karl Mannheim

1111.3909 (Marek Nikolajuk et al.)

The environment of Weak Emission-Line Quasars    [PDF]

Marek Nikolajuk, Roland Walter

1111.3935 (Ya. N. Istomin et al.)

On the collective curvature radiation    [PDF]

Ya. N. Istomin, A. A. Philippov, V. S. Beskin