Thursday, June 13, 2013

1306.2636 (Martin A. Bourne et al.)

Inverse Compton X-ray signature of AGN feedback    [PDF]

Martin A. Bourne, Sergei Nayakshin

1306.2639 (B. D. Lehmer et al.)

NuSTAR and Chandra Insight into the Nature of the 3-40 keV Nuclear Emission in NGC 253    [PDF]

B. D. Lehmer, D. R. Wik, A. E. Hornschemeier, A. Ptak, V. Antoniou, M. K. Argo, K. Bechtol, S. Boggs, F. E. Christensen, W. W. Craig, C. J. Hailey, F. A. Harrison, R. Krivonos, J. -C. Leyder, T. J. Maccarone, D. Stern, T. Venters, A. Zezas, W. W. Zhang

1306.2638 (Laura A. Lopez)

What Shapes Supernova Remnants?    [PDF]

Laura A. Lopez

1306.2681 (Wei-Wei Tan et al.)

Determining the luminosity function of Swift long gamma-ray bursts with pseudo-redshifts    [PDF]

Wei-Wei Tan, Xiao-Feng Cao, Yun-Wei Yu

1306.2755 (Mauricio Bustamante et al.)

Escape and propagation of UHECR protons and neutrons from GRBs, and the cosmic ray-neutrino connection    [PDF]

Mauricio Bustamante, Philipp Baerwald, Walter Winter

1306.2830 (Javier Moldón et al.)

Periodic radio morphology of gamma-ray binaries    [PDF]

Javier Moldón, Marc Ribó, Josep M. Paredes

1306.2835 (Pasquale Galianni et al.)

A test of the failed disk wind scenario for the origin of the broad line region in active galactic nuclei    [PDF]

Pasquale Galianni, Keith Horne

1306.2915 (J. M. Miller et al.)

Chandra Spectroscopy of MAXI J1305-704: Detection of an Infalling Black Hole Disk Wind?    [PDF]

J. M. Miller, J. Raymond, T. R. Kallman, D. Maitra, A. C. Fabian, D. Proga, C. S. Reynolds, M. T. Reynolds, N. Degenaar, E. M. Cackett, J. Kennea, A. Beardmore