Friday, January 27, 2012

1108.3989 (Tomoya Takiwaki et al.)

Three-dimensional Hydrodynamic Core-Collapse Supernova Simulations for an $11.2 M_{\odot}$ Star with Spectral Neutrino Transport    [PDF]

Tomoya Takiwaki, Kei Kotake, Yudai Suwa

1201.5390 (Rosalba Perna et al.)

Signatures of photon-axion conversion in the thermal spectra and polarization of neutron stars    [PDF]

Rosalba Perna, Wynn Ho, Licia Verde, Matthew van Adelsberg, Raul Jimenez

1201.5398 (Anthony L. Piro)

Radioactively-Powered Rising Lightcurves of Type Ia Supernovae    [PDF]

Anthony L. Piro

1201.5402 (Alan P. Marscher)

Multi-waveband Variations of Blazars during Gamma-ray Outbursts    [PDF]

Alan P. Marscher

1201.5435 (Susmita Chakravorty et al.)

The influence of soft spectral components on the structure and stability of warm absorbers in AGN    [PDF]

Susmita Chakravorty, Ranjeev Misra, Martin Elvis, Ajit K. Kembhavi, Gary Ferland

1201.5438 (Masaaki Kusunose et al.)

A Leptonic Model of Steady High-Energy Gamma-Ray Emission from Sgr A$^*$    [PDF]

Masaaki Kusunose, Fumio Takahara

1201.5462 (Walter Winter)

Neutrinos from Cosmic Accelerators Including Magnetic Field and Flavor Effects    [PDF]

Walter Winter

1201.5479 (Jiri Horak et al.)

Alpha-viscosity effects in slender tori    [PDF]

Jiri Horak, Marek Abramowicz, Lina Levin, Rikard Slapak, Odele Straub

1201.5527 (V. F. Suleimanov et al.)

Magnetized neutron star atmospheres: beyond cool plasma approximation    [PDF]

V. F. Suleimanov, G. G. Pavlov, K. Werner

1201.5530 (L. Kuiper et al.)

Temporal and spectral evolution in X- and gamma-rays of magnetar 1E 1547.0-5408 since its October 2008 outburst: the discovery of a transient hard pulsed component after its January 2009 outburst    [PDF]

L. Kuiper, W. Hermsen, P. R. den Hartog, J. O. Urama

1201.5581 (Roger A. Chevalier et al.)

X-Rays from Supernova Shocks in Dense Mass Loss    [PDF]

Roger A. Chevalier, Christopher M. Irwin

1201.5584 (A. Leisos et al.)

Evaluation of the discovery potential of an underwater Mediterranean neutrino telescope taking into account the estimated directional resolution and energy of the reconstructed tracks    [PDF]

A. Leisos, A. G. Tsirigotis, S. E. Tzamarias, on behalf of the KM3NeT consortium

1201.5602 (Dany Page et al.)

Thermal and transport properties of the neutron star inner crust    [PDF]

Dany Page, Sanjay Reddy

1201.5637 (Thomas K. Gaisser)

Astrophysical neutrino results    [PDF]

Thomas K. Gaisser