Monday, July 1, 2013

1003.2735 (Manuel Tessmer et al.)

Motion and gravitational wave forms of eccentric compact binaries with orbital-angular-momentum-aligned spins under next-to-leading order in spin-orbit and leading order in spin(1)-spin(2) and spin-squared couplings    [PDF]

Manuel Tessmer, Johannes Hartung, Gerhard Schaefer

1306.6624 (Laura Chomiuk et al.)

A Radio-Selected Black Hole X-ray Binary Candidate in the Milky Way Globular Cluster M62    [PDF]

Laura Chomiuk, Jay Strader, Thomas J. Maccarone, James C. A. Miller-Jones, Craig Heinke, Eva Noyola, Anil C. Seth, Scott Ransom

1306.6690 (Yang Luo et al.)

Neutrino-cooled Accretion Model with Magnetic Coupling for X-ray Flares in GRBs    [PDF]

Yang Luo, Wei-Min Gu, Tong Liu, Ju-Fu Lu

1306.6719 (Ming-Lei Tong et al.)

Pulsar Timing Residuals Induced by Gravitational Waves from Single Sources of Supermassive Black Hole Binaries with Elliptical Orbits    [PDF]

Ming-Lei Tong, Bao-Rong Yan, Cheng-Shi Zhao, Dong-Shan Yin, Shu-Hong Zhao, Ting-Gao Yang, Yu-Ping Gao

1306.6720 (Masahiro Hoshino)

Particle Acceleration during Magnetorotational Instability in a Collisionless Accretion Disk    [PDF]

Masahiro Hoshino

1306.6738 (R. Smida et al.)

Observation of Polarised Microwave Emission from Cosmic Ray Air Showers    [PDF]

R. Smida, F. Werner, R. Engel, J. C. Arteaga-Velazquez, K. Bekk, M. Bertaina, J. Bluemer, H. Bozdog, I. M. Brancus, A. Chiavassa, F. Cossavella, F. Di Pierro, P. Doll, B. Fuchs, D. Fuhrmann, C. Grupen, A. Haungs, D. Heck, J. R. Hoerandel, D. Huber, T. Huege, K. -H. Kampert, D. Kang, H. Klages, M. Kleifges, O. Kroemer, K. Link, P. Luczak, M. Ludwig, H. J. Mathes, H. J. Mayer, S. Mathys, M. Melissas, C. Morello, P. Neunteufel, J. Oehlschlaeger, N. Palmieri, J. Pekala, T. Pierog, J. Rautenberg, H. Rebel, M. Riegel, M. Roth, F. Salamida, H. Schieler, S. Schoo, F. G. Schroeder, O. Sima, J. Stasielak, G. Toma, G. C. Trinchero, M. Unger, M. Weber, A. Weindl, H. Wilczynski, M. Will, J. Wochele, J. Zabierowski

1306.6762 (G. Morlino et al.)

Cosmic Ray acceleration and Balmer emission from SNR 0509-67.5    [PDF]

G. Morlino, P. Blasi, R. Bandiera, E. Amato

1306.6772 (The Fermi-LAT Collaboration)

The First Fermi-LAT Catalog of Sources Above 10 GeV    [PDF]

The Fermi-LAT Collaboration

1306.6833 (Omar Tibolla et al.)

Are most of the VHE gamma-ray unidentified sources relic PWNe?    [PDF]

Omar Tibolla, Michael Vorster, Sarah Kaufmann, Stefan Ferreira, Karl Mannheim

1306.6849 (Daniele Gaggero et al.)

A unified solution to the anisotropy and gradient problems    [PDF]

Daniele Gaggero, Carmelo Evoli, Dario Grasso, Luca Maccione

1306.6850 (Daniele Gaggero et al.)

Three dimensional modeling of CR propagation    [PDF]

Daniele Gaggero, Luca Maccione, Giuseppe Di Bernardo, Carmelo Evoli, Dario Grasso

1306.6861 (N. La Palombara et al.)

Observations of the unique X-ray emitting subdwarf stars HD49798 and BD+37 442    [PDF]

N. La Palombara, S. Mereghetti, A. Tiengo, P. Esposito, L. Stella, G. L. Israel

1306.6867 (N. La Palombara et al.)

The hot-blackbody spectral excess in low-luminosity High-Mass X-Ray Binaries    [PDF]

N. La Palombara, S. Mereghetti, L. Sidoli, A. Tiengo, P. Esposito

1306.6881 (K. Glampedakis et al.)

The inside-out view on neutron star magnetospheres    [PDF]

K. Glampedakis, S. K. Lander, N. Andersson

1306.6885 (D. Grasso et al.)

Galactic electron and positron properties from cosmic ray and radio observations    [PDF]

D. Grasso, G. Di Bernardo, C. Evoli, D. Gaggero, L. Maccione

1306.6886 (Jeanette C. Gladstone)

The sub-classes of ultraluminous X-ray sources    [PDF]

Jeanette C. Gladstone

1306.6888 (M. Trenti et al.)

Gamma Ray Burst and star formation rates: The physical origin for the redshift evolution of their ratio    [PDF]

M. Trenti, R. Perna, S. Tacchella