Monday, July 29, 2013

1307.6897 (D. Lennarz et al.)

Searching for TeV emission from GRBs: the status of the H.E.S.S. GRB programme    [PDF]

D. Lennarz, P. M. Chadwick, W. Domainko, R. D. Parsons, G. Rowell, P. H. T. Tam, for the H. E. S. S. collaboration

1307.6907 (A. C. Rovero et al.)

On the redshift of the gamma-ray blazar PKS 0447-439: Optical spectroscopy using Gemini observations with high S/N ratio    [PDF]

A. C. Rovero, C. Donzelli, H. Muriel, A. Cillis, A. Pichel

1307.6911 (Jin Zhang et al.)

Relativistic Jet Properties of GeV-TeV Blazars and Possible Implications for the Jet Formation, Composition, and Cavity Kinematics    [PDF]

Jin Zhang, Xiao-Na Sun, En-Wei Liang, Rui-Jing Lu, Ye Lu, Shuang-Nan Zhang

1307.6946 (Henric Krawczynski et al.)

Tests of the Lorentz and CPT Symmetries at the Planck Energy Scale with X-Ray and Gamma-Ray Observations    [PDF]

Henric Krawczynski, Fabian Kislat, Matthias Beilicke, Anna Zajczyk

1307.6967 (Hiromasa Miyasaka et al.)

NuSTAR detection of hard X-ray phase lags from the accreting pulsar GS 0834-430    [PDF]

Hiromasa Miyasaka, Matteo Bachetti, Fiona A. Harrison, Felix Fürst, Didier Barret, Eric C. Bellm, Steven E. Boggs, Deepto Chakrabarty, Jerome Chenevez, Finn E. Christensen, William W. Craig, Brian W. Grefenstette, Charles J. Hailey, Kristin K. Madsen, Lorenzo Natalucci, Katja Pottschmidt, Daniel Stern, John A. Tomsick, Dominic J. Walton, Jörn Wilms, William Zhang

1307.6969 (P. Romano et al.)

The Swift Supergiant Fast X-ray Transients Project: a review, new results, and future perspectives    [PDF]

P. Romano, V. Mangano, L. Ducci, P. Esposito, S. Vercellone, F. Bocchino, D. N. Burrows, J. A. Kennea, H. A. Krimm, N. Gehrels, R. Farinelli, C. Ceccobello

1307.7020 (S. K. Lander)

The contrasting magnetic fields of superconducting pulsars and magnetars    [PDF]

S. K. Lander

1307.7041 (S. Vernetto et al.)

Study of the Crab Nebula TeV emission variability during five years with ARGO-YBJ    [PDF]

S. Vernetto, for the ARGO-YBJ collaboration

1307.7051 (Arun S. Madhavan et al.)

VERITAS Long-Term Observations of Hard Spectrum Blazars    [PDF]

Arun S. Madhavan, for the VERITAS Collaboration

1307.7083 (Guillaume Dubus)

Gamma-ray binaries and related systems    [PDF]

Guillaume Dubus

1307.7131 (Jeffrey Allen et al.)

Testing models of new physics with UHE air shower observations    [PDF]

Jeffrey Allen, Glennys Farrar

1307.7139 (Jayashree Toraskr et al.)

Dynamical Fragmentation of the T Pyxidis Nova Shell During Recurrent Eruptions    [PDF]

Jayashree Toraskr, Mordecai-Mark Mac Low, Michael M. Shara, David R. Zurek