Monday, August 6, 2012

1208.0614 (Martin C. Weisskopf)

The Chandra X-Ray Observatory: Progress Report and Highlights    [PDF]

Martin C. Weisskopf

1208.0676 (The Veritas Collaboration with C. Pfrommer et al.)

Constraints on Cosmic Rays, Magnetic Fields, and Dark Matter from Gamma-Ray Observations of the Coma Cluster of Galaxies with VERITAS and Fermi    [PDF]

The Veritas Collaboration with C. Pfrommer, A. Pinzke: T. Arlen, T. Aune, M. Beilicke, W. Benbow, A. Bouvier, J. H. Buckley, V. Bugaev, K. Byrum, A. Cannon, A. Cesarini, L. Ciupik, E. Collins-Hughes, M. P. Connolly, W. Cui, R. Dickherber, J. Dumm, A. Falcone, S. Federici, Q. Feng, J. P. Finley, G. Finnegan, L. Fortson, A. Furniss, N. Galante, D. Gall, S. Godambe, S. Griffin, J. Grube, G. Gyuk, J. Holder, H. Huan, G. Hughes, T. B. Humensky, A. Imran, P. Kaaret, N. Karlsson, M. Kertzman, Y. Khassen, D. Kieda, H. Krawczynski, F. Krennrich, K. Lee, A. S Madhavan, G. Maier, P. Majumdar, S. McArthur, A. McCann, P. Moriarty, R. Mukherjee, T. Nelson, A. O'Faoláin de Bhróithe, R. A. Ong, M. Orr, A. N. Otte, N. Park, J. S. Perkins, M. Pohl, H. Prokoph, J. Quinn, K. Ragan, L. C. Reyes, P. T. Reynolds, E. Roache, J. Ruppel, D. B. Saxon, M. Schroedter, G. H. Sembroski, C. Skole, A. W. Smith, I. Telezhinsky, G. Tešić, M. Theiling, S. Thibadeau, K. Tsurusaki, A. Varlotta, M. Vivier, S. P. Wakely, J. E. Ward, A. Weinstein, R. Welsing, D. A. Williams, B. Zitzer

1208.0728 (Adam Ingram et al.)

The effect of frame dragging on the iron K alpha line in X-ray binaries    [PDF]

Adam Ingram, Chris Done

1208.0733 (Goutam Sau et al.)

On the Special Significance of the Latest PAMELA Results in Astroparticle Physics    [PDF]

Goutam Sau, S. Bhattacharyya

1208.0736 (Yi Xie)

Testing Lorentz violation with binary pulsars: constraints on standard model extension    [PDF]

Yi Xie

1208.0791 (Francesco Ronga)

Analysis of the MACRO experiment data to compare particles arrival times under Gran Sasso    [PDF]

Francesco Ronga

1208.0807 (Steve Price et al.)

Time-Correlated Structure in Spin Fluctuations in Pulsars    [PDF]

Steve Price, Bennett Link, Steve Shore, David Nice

1208.0808 (L. Costamante)

On the correct intrinsic VHE properties of the BL Lac H 2356-309    [PDF]

L. Costamante

1208.0810 (L. Costamante)

A Warning on the GeV-TeV Connection in Blazars    [PDF]

L. Costamante