Tuesday, November 6, 2012

0911.4233 (D. Takei et al.)

Beginning of the Super-Soft Phase of the Classical Nova V2491 Cygni    [PDF]

D. Takei, J. -U. Ness

1211.0542 (KwangHo Park et al.)

Accretion onto Black Holes from Large Scales Regulated by Radiative Feedback. III. Enhanced Luminosity of Intermediate Mass Black Holes Moving at Supersonic Speeds    [PDF]

KwangHo Park, Massimo Ricotti

1211.0547 (Anthony L. Piro et al.)

Radio Transients from the Accretion Induced Collapse of White Dwarfs    [PDF]

Anthony L. Piro, S. R. Kulkarni

1211.0572 (The Pierre Auger Collaboration et al.)

Results of a self-triggered prototype system for radio-detection of extensive air showers at the Pierre Auger Observatory    [PDF]

The Pierre Auger Collaboration, S. Acounis, D. Charrier, T. Gar\ccon, C. Rivière, P. Stassi

1211.0605 (Francisco S. N. Lobo et al.)

Linearised stability analysis of generic thin shells    [PDF]

Francisco S. N. Lobo, Prado Martin-Moruno, Nadiezhda Montelongo Garcia, Matt Visser

1211.0614 (C. L. Fryer et al.)

The Population of Helium-Merger Progenitors: Observational Predictions    [PDF]

C. L. Fryer, K. Belczynski, E. Berger, C. Thone, C. Ellinger, T. Bulik

1211.0624 (Jim Fuller et al.)

Dynamical Tides in Compact White Dwarf Binaries: Helium Core White Dwarfs, Tidal Heating, and Observational Signatures    [PDF]

Jim Fuller, Dong Lai

1211.0691 (J. P. Roberts)

Positron decrement in AMS-02 compared to Pamela, due to solar cycle    [PDF]

J. P. Roberts

1211.0758 (Taotao Fang et al.)

On the Hot Gas Content of the Milky Way Halo    [PDF]

Taotao Fang, James S. Bullock, Michael Boylan-Kolchin

1211.0774 (Masaki S. Yamaguchi et al.)

Inverse Compton Scattering Model for X-ray Emission of the Gamma-ray Binary LS 5039    [PDF]

Masaki S. Yamaguchi, Fumio Takahara

1211.0831 (N. A. Webb et al.)

The accretion disc, jets and environment of the intermediate mass black hole candidate ESO 243-49 HLX-1    [PDF]

N. A. Webb, D. Barret, V. Braito, S. Corbel, D. Cseh, S. A. Farrell, R. P. Fender, N. Gehrels, O. Godet, I. Heywood, T. Kawaguchi, J. -P. Lasota, E. Lenc, D. Lin, B. Plazolles, M. Servillat

1211.0852 (Samar Safi-Harb)

Pulsar Wind Nebulae: On their growing diversity and association with highly magnetized neutron stars    [PDF]

Samar Safi-Harb

1211.0861 (Richard Ignace et al.)

A Report on the X-ray Properties of the tau Sco Like Stars    [PDF]

Richard Ignace, Lidia Oskinova, Derck Mass

1211.0988 (Lin Lin et al.)

On the X-ray emission mechanisms of the persistent source and very low-fluence bursts of SGR J0501+4516    [PDF]

Lin Lin, Ersin Gogus, Tolga Guver, Chryssa Kouveliotou