Monday, November 26, 2012

1211.5137 (Kimitake Hayasaki et al.)

Binary Black Hole Accretion Flows From a Misaligned Circumbinary Disk    [PDF]

Kimitake Hayasaki, Hideki Saito, Shin Mineshige

1211.5154 (Guillaume Chalons et al.)

Neutralino dark matter and the Fermi gamma-ray lines    [PDF]

Guillaume Chalons, Matthew J. Dolan, Christopher McCabe

1211.5182 (Carolina Pepe et al.)

Numerical estimates of the accretion rate onto intermediate-mass black holes    [PDF]

Carolina Pepe, Leonardo J. Pellizza

1211.5208 (YuanJie Du et al.)

Radio and Gamma-ray Pulsed Emission from Millisecond Pulsars    [PDF]

YuanJie Du, GuoJun Qiao, Ding Chen

1211.5214 (W. Wang)

The superslow pulsation X-ray pulsars in high mass X-ray binaries    [PDF]

W. Wang

1211.5225 (Atsuo T. Okazaki et al.)

Origin of Two Types of X-Ray Outbursts in Be/X-Ray Binaries. I. Accretion Scenarios    [PDF]

Atsuo T. Okazaki, Kimitake Hayasaki, Yuki Moritani

1211.5276 (Cristobal M. Espinoza)

The spin evolution of young pulsars    [PDF]

Cristobal M. Espinoza

1211.5337 (M. B. Bell et al.)

On The Depolarization Asymmetry Seen in Giant Radio Lobes    [PDF]

M. B. Bell, S. P. Comeau

1211.5379 (James F. Steiner et al.)

Jet Power and Black Hole Spin: Testing an Empirical Relationship and Using it to Predict the Spins of Six Black Holes    [PDF]

James F. Steiner, Jeffrey E. McClintock, Ramesh Narayan

1211.5387 (S. A. Olausen et al.)

X-ray Observations of High-B Radio Pulsars    [PDF]

S. A. Olausen, W. W. Zhu, J. K. Vogel, V. M. Kaspi, A. G. Lyne, C. M. Espinoza, B. W. Stappers, R. N. Manchester, M. A. McLaughlin

1211.5388 (Noam Soker et al.)

Explaining the supernova impostor sn 2009ip as mergerburst    [PDF]

Noam Soker, Amit Kashi

1211.5398 (E. G. Berezhko et al.)

The nature of gamma-ray emission of Tycho's supernova remnant    [PDF]

E. G. Berezhko, L. T. Ksenofontov, H. J. Voelk

1211.5516 (Giorgio Giacomelli)

Recent Results from the ANTARES Neutrino Telescope    [PDF]

Giorgio Giacomelli