Wednesday, January 30, 2013

1301.6759 (Rodolfo Barniol Duran et al.)

Radius constraints and minimal equipartition energy of relativistic synchrotron sources    [PDF]

Rodolfo Barniol Duran, Ehud Nakar, Tsvi Piran

1301.6766 (Boaz Katz et al.)

An exact integral relation between the Ni56 mass and the bolometric light curve of a type Ia supernova    [PDF]

Boaz Katz, Doron Kushnir, Subo Dong

1301.6771 (D. M. Russell et al.)

Observational constraints on the powering mechanism of transient relativistic jets    [PDF]

D. M. Russell, E. Gallo, R. P. Fender

1301.6811 (Nicole F. Bell et al.)

Realistic neutron star constraints on bosonic asymmetric dark matter    [PDF]

Nicole F. Bell, Andrew Melatos, Kalliopi Petraki

1301.6818 (Z. Chang et al.)

Gamma-ray polarization induced by cold electrons via Compton processes    [PDF]

Z. Chang, Y. Jiang, H. N. Lin

1301.6824 (Tian Wenwu et al.)

Exploration of Galactic γ-Ray Supernova Remnants    [PDF]

Tian Wenwu, Zhang Jianli

1301.6856 (Kumiko Morihana et al.)

X-ray Point Source Populations Constituting the Galactic Ridge X-ray Emission    [PDF]

Kumiko Morihana, Masahiro Tsujimoto, Tessei Yoshida, Ken Ebisawa

1301.6873 (Ian Browne)

AGN astrophysics from comparing radio and Gaia optical astrometry    [PDF]

Ian Browne

1301.6878 (Tiberiu Harko et al.)

Gravitationally modified wormholes without exotic matter    [PDF]

Tiberiu Harko, Francisco S. N. Lobo, M. K. Mak, Sergey V. Sushkov

1301.6908 (M. Fouka et al.)

Analytical Fits to the Synchrotron Functions    [PDF]

M. Fouka, S. Ouichaoui

1301.6966 (Ana I. Gomez de Castro et al.)

XMM-Newton monitoring of the close pre-main-sequence binary AK Sco. Evidence of tide driven filling of the inner gap in the circumbinary disk    [PDF]

Ana I. Gomez de Castro, Javier Lopez-Santiago, Antonio Talavera, A. Yu. Sytov, D. Bisikalo

1301.7042 (G. Wendell Misch et al.)

Neutrino Pair Emission from Hot Nuclei During Stellar Collapse    [PDF]

G. Wendell Misch, B. Alex Brown, George M. Fuller

1301.7060 (T. Maiolino et al.)

INTEGRAL observations of Sco X-1: evidence for Comptonization up to 200 keV    [PDF]

T. Maiolino, F. D'Amico, J. Braga