Friday, July 5, 2013

1307.1143 (A. Sadowski et al.)

Energy, momentum and mass outflows and feedback from thick accretion discs around rotating black holes    [PDF]

A. Sadowski, R. Narayan, R. Penna, Y. Zhu

1307.1177 (Camilo Delgado-Correal)

Study of shock wave dynamics produced by interaction of a fireball with the surrounding medium to it, to explain the x-ray afterglow of Gamma Ray Burst-GRBs    [PDF]

Camilo Delgado-Correal

1307.1200 (D. R. Lorimer et al.)

On the detectability of extragalactic fast radio transients    [PDF]

D. R. Lorimer, A. Karastergiou, M. A. McLaughlin, S. Johnston

1307.1226 (Jeong-Sook Kim et al.)

VLBI Observation of Microquasar Cyg X-3 during an X-ray State Transition from Soft to Hard in the 2007 May-June Flare    [PDF]

Jeong-Sook Kim, Soon-Wook Kim, Tomoharu Kurayama, Mareki Honma, Tetsuo Sasao, Sang Joon Kim

1307.1230 (D. Klochkov et al.)

A non-pulsating neutron star in the supernova remnant HESS J1731-347 / G353.6-0.7 with a carbon atmosphere    [PDF]

D. Klochkov, G. Puehlhofer, V. Suleimanov, S. Simon, K. Werner, A. Santangelo

1307.1239 (E. Konishi et al.)

A Critical Examination on L/E Analysis in the Underground Detectors with a Computer Numerical Experiment Part 1    [PDF]

E. Konishi, Y. Minorikawa, V. I. Galkin, M. Ishiwata, I. Nakamura, N. Takahashi, M. Kato, A. Misaki

1307.1309 (Andrzej A. Zdziarski et al.)

Self-consistent jet models for black-hole binaries in the hard state and application to Cyg X-1    [PDF]

Andrzej A. Zdziarski, Patryk Pjanka, Marek Sikora

1307.1346 (Siyao Xu et al.)

Cosmic Ray Parallel and Perpendicular Transport in Turbulent Magnetic Fields    [PDF]

Siyao Xu, Huirong Yan

1307.1364 (Mauri Valtonen et al.)

A helical jet model for OJ287    [PDF]

Mauri Valtonen, Pauli Pihajoki

1307.1386 (Rachid Ouyed et al.)

"Anti-glitches" in the Quark-Nova model for AXPs    [PDF]

Rachid Ouyed, Denis Leahy, Nico Koning

1307.1409 (Heino Falcke et al.)

Fast radio bursts: the last sign of supramassive neutron stars    [PDF]

Heino Falcke, Luciano Rezzolla

1307.1450 (Hao-Ning He et al.)

TeV-PeV neutrinos over the atmospheric background: originating from two groups of sources?    [PDF]

Hao-Ning He, Rui-Zhi Yang, Yi-Zhong Fan, Da-Ming Wei