Monday, March 19, 2012

0903.5083 (A. A. El-Zant et al.)

Dark Matter Annihilation and the PAMELA, FERMI and ATIC Anomalies    [PDF]

A. A. El-Zant, S. Khalil, H. Okada

0907.5237 (Gary Finnegan et al.)

Search for TeV Emission from Geminga by VERITAS    [PDF]

Gary Finnegan, for the VERITAS Collaboration

1203.3539 (Tim Linden et al.)

The Morphology of Hadronic Emission Models for the Gamma-Ray Source at the Galactic Center    [PDF]

Tim Linden, Elizabeth Lovegrove, Stefano Profumo

1203.3582 (E. M. Ratti et al.)

On the harmonics of the low-frequency quasi-periodic oscillation in GRS 1915+105    [PDF]

E. M. Ratti, T. M. Belloni, S. E. Motta

1203.3614 (Shiu-Hang Lee et al.)

A Generalized Model of Nonlinear Diffusive Shock Acceleration Coupled to an Evolving Supernova Remnant    [PDF]

Shiu-Hang Lee, Donald C. Ellison, Shigehiro Nagataki

1203.3681 (Luke O'C. Drury)

Origin of Cosmic Rays    [PDF]

Luke O'C. Drury

1203.3696 (F. Gok et al.)

A deep X-ray observation of supernova remnant G304.6+0.1 (Kes 17) with Suzaku    [PDF]

F. Gok, A. Sezer

1203.3708 (Markus M. Hohle et al.)

The continued spectral and temporal evolution of RX J0720.4-3125    [PDF]

Markus M. Hohle, Frank Haberl, Jacco Vink, Cor P. de Vries, Roberto Turolla, Silvia Zane, Mariano Méndez

1203.3732 (Patrick Younk et al.)

Sensitivity of the correlation between the depth of shower maximum and the muon shower size to the cosmic ray composition    [PDF]

Patrick Younk, Markus Risse

1203.3748 (E. Endeve et al.)

Turbulence and magnetic field amplification from spiral SASI modes in core-collapse supernovae    [PDF]

E. Endeve, C. Y. Cardall, R. D. Budiardja, A. Mezzacappa, J. M. Blondin

1203.3787 (Anton Prosekin et al.)

Time structure of gamma-ray signals generated in line-of-sight interactions of cosmic rays from distant blazars    [PDF]

Anton Prosekin, Warren Essey, Alexander Kusenko, Felix Aharonian