Tuesday, October 30, 2012

1106.2268 (N. Tomassetti)

Light Nuclei and Isotope Abundances in Cosmic Rays. Results from AMS-01    [PDF]

N. Tomassetti

1210.7237 (N. Degenaar et al.)

The X-ray flaring properties of Sgr A* during six years of monitoring with Swift    [PDF]

N. Degenaar, J. M. Miller, J. Kennea, N. Gehrels, R. Wijnands

1210.7239 (Brandon S. Hensley et al.)

Novel Techniques for Decomposing Diffuse Backgrounds    [PDF]

Brandon S. Hensley, Vasiliki Pavlidou, Jennifer M. Siegal-Gaskins

1210.7238 (Brian D. Metzger et al.)

Comparing H-alpha and HI Surveys as Means to a Complete Local Galaxy Catalog in the Advanced LIGO/Virgo Era    [PDF]

Brian D. Metzger, David L. Kaplan, Edo Berger

1210.7240 (Jason Dexter et al.)

Supernova Light Curves Powered by Fallback Accretion    [PDF]

Jason Dexter, Daniel Kasen

1210.7249 (Sjors Broersen et al.)

The northwestern ejecta knot in SN 1006    [PDF]

Sjors Broersen, Jacco Vink, Marco Miceli, Fabrizio Bocchino, Gilles Maurin, Anne Decourchelle

1210.7252 (S. Guiriec et al.)

Evidence for a Photospheric Component in the Prompt Emission of the Short GRB120323A and its Effects on the GRB Hardness-Luminosity Relation    [PDF]

S. Guiriec, F. Daigne, R. Hascoët, G. Vianello, R. Mochkovitch, F. Ryde, C. Kouveliotou, S. Xiong, P. N. Bhat, S. Foley, D. Grüber, J. M. Burgess, S. McGlynn, J. McEnery, N. Gehrels

1210.7274 (N. Tomassetti)

Diffusive Origin of the Cosmic-Ray Spectral Hardening    [PDF]

N. Tomassetti

1210.7338 (V. Uzhinsky et al.)

Improved Systematic of pp Elastic Scattering Data    [PDF]

V. Uzhinsky, A. Galoyan

1210.7342 (Peter Gentile et al.)

Chandra Observations of Black-Widow Pulsars    [PDF]

Peter Gentile, Maura McLaughlin, Mallory Roberts, Fernando Camilo, Jason Hessels, Matthew Kerr, Scott Ransom, Paul Ray, Ingrid Stairs

1210.7355 (N. Tomassetti)

Propagation of H and He cosmic ray isotopes in the Galaxy: astrophysical and nuclear uncertainties    [PDF]

N. Tomassetti

1210.7407 (Prasanta Kumar Das et al.)

Impact of a light stabilized radion in supernovae cooling    [PDF]

Prasanta Kumar Das, J. R. Selvaganapathy, Chandradew Sharma, Tarun Kumar Jha, V. Sunil Kumar

1210.7435 (Bruno Peres et al.)

Influence of pions and hyperons on stellar black hole formation    [PDF]

Bruno Peres, Micaela Oertel, Jerome Novak

1210.7525 (Pablo M. Saz Parkinson et al.)

Fermi-LAT Detection of Gamma-ray Pulsars above 10 GeV    [PDF]

Pablo M. Saz Parkinson, for the LAT Collaboration

1210.7526 (Alessio Tamburro et al.)

Cosmic-ray Spectrum and Composition with the IceCube Observatory    [PDF]

Alessio Tamburro, for the IceCube Collaboration

1210.7530 (Pablo M. Saz Parkinson et al.)

Fermi-LAT searches for gamma-ray pulsars    [PDF]

Pablo M. Saz Parkinson, for the Fermi LAT Collaboration

1210.7546 (Kevin Moore et al.)

Circumstellar Shell Formation in Symbiotic Recurrent Novae    [PDF]

Kevin Moore, Lars Bildsten

1210.7548 (Josef Pradler et al.)

A reply to the criticism of our work (arXiv:1210.5501) by the DAMA collaboration    [PDF]

Josef Pradler, Itay Yavin

1210.7570 (Ling Zhu et al.)

Results from Long-Term Optical Monitoring of the Soft X-Ray Transient SAX J1810.8-2609    [PDF]

Ling Zhu, Rosanne DiStefano, Lukasz Wyrzykowski

1210.7680 (Helen Klus et al.)

Swift J045106.8-694803; a highly magnetised neutron star in the Large Magellanic Cloud    [PDF]

Helen Klus, Elizabeth S. Bartlett, Antony J. Bird, Malcolm Coe, Robin Corbet, Andrzej Udalski

1210.7685 (A. P. Igoshev et al.)

Neutron stars: history of the magnetic field decay    [PDF]

A. P. Igoshev, A. F. Kholtygin

1210.7702 (J. Moldón et al.)

Periodic morphological changes in gamma-ray binaries    [PDF]

J. Moldón, M. Ribó, J. M. Paredes

1210.7703 (Paolo Desiati et al.)

IceCube Observatory: Neutrinos and the Origin of Cosmic Rays    [PDF]

Paolo Desiati, for the IceCube Collaboration

1210.7730 (M. Razzano et al.)

New VLT observations of the Fermi pulsar PSR J1048-5832    [PDF]

M. Razzano, R. P. Mignani, M. Marelli, A. de Luca