Thursday, December 15, 2011

1104.2785 (Zhen Yan et al.)

A UV flux drop preceding the X-ray hard-to-soft state transition during the 2010 outburst of GX 339-4    [PDF]

Zhen Yan, Wenfei Yu

1108.1407 (Tesla E. Jeltema et al.)

Dark Matter Detection with Hard X-ray Telescopes    [PDF]

Tesla E. Jeltema, Stefano Profumo

1109.4678 (The Fermi-LAT Collaboration)

Search for Gamma-ray Emission from X-ray Selected Seyfert Galaxies with Fermi-LAT    [PDF]

The Fermi-LAT Collaboration

1110.2015 (R. A. Konoplya et al.)

Stability of the scalar and neutrino tachyons in the rotating and expanding Universe    [PDF]

R. A. Konoplya, A. Zhidenko

1112.3071 (M. Cano-Diaz et al.)

Observational evidence of quasar feedback quenching star formation at high redshift    [PDF]

M. Cano-Diaz, R. Maiolino, A. Marconi, H. Netzer, O. Shemmer, G. Cresci

1112.3094 (William E. East et al.)

Hydrodynamics in full general relativity with conservative AMR    [PDF]

William E. East, Frans Pretorius, Branson C. Stephens

1112.3102 (Mikhail Belyaev et al.)

Supersonic Shear Instabilities in Astrophysical Boundary Layers    [PDF]

Mikhail Belyaev, Roman Rafikov

1112.3105 (George Chapline et al.)

Magnetosphere of a spinning string    [PDF]

George Chapline, James Barbieri

1112.3114 (A. M. Bykov et al.)

Twinkling pulsar wind nebulae in the synchrotron cut-off regime and the gamma-ray flares in the Crab Nebula    [PDF]

A. M. Bykov, G. G. Pavlov, A. V. Artemyev, Yu. A. Uvarov

1112.3165 (C. Venter et al.)

What can we learn from phase alignment of gamma-ray and radio pulsar light curves?    [PDF]

C. Venter, T. J. Johnson, A. K. Harding

1112.3194 (I. Telezhinsky et al.)

Time-Dependent Escape of Cosmic Rays from Supernova Remnants, and their Interaction with Dense Media    [PDF]

I. Telezhinsky, V. V. Dwarkadas, M. Pohl

1112.3286 (Shahar Hod)

Hairy Black Holes and Null Circular Geodesics    [PDF]

Shahar Hod

1112.3299 (Abdelhak Djouadi et al.)

Implications of LHC searches for Higgs--portal dark matter    [PDF]

Abdelhak Djouadi, Oleg Lebedev, Yann Mambrini, Jeremie Quevillon

1112.3305 (Matthew S. Tiscareno)

Planetary Rings    [PDF]

Matthew S. Tiscareno

1112.3312 (E. Kara et al.)

Gamma-Ray Emission from Two Blazars Behind the Galactic Plane: B2013+370 & B2023+336    [PDF]

E. Kara, M. Errando, W. Max-Moerbeck, E. Aliu, M. Bottcher, P. Fortin, J. P. Halpern, R. Mukherjee, A. C. S. Readhead, J. L. Richards