Friday, April 19, 2013

1304.4934 (Ori D. Fox et al.)

The Late-Time Rebrightening of Type Ia SN 2005gj in the Mid-Infrared    [PDF]

Ori D. Fox, Alexei V. Filippenko

1304.4942 (Soma De et al.)

On Silicon Group Elements Ejected by Supernovae Type Ia    [PDF]

Soma De, F. X. Timmes, Themis Athanassiadou, David A. Chamulak, Wendy Hawley, Dennis Jack, Edward F. Brown, Alan C. Calder, Dean M. Townsley

1304.4947 (R. C. Reis et al.)

On the size and location of the X-ray emitting coronae around black holes    [PDF]

R. C. Reis, J. M. Miller

1304.4956 (Federico Fraschetti)

Turbulent amplification of magnetic field driven by dynamo effect at rippled shocks    [PDF]

Federico Fraschetti

1304.4957 (Cody Raskin et al.)

Tidal Tail Ejection as a Signature of Type~Ia Supernovae from White Dwarf Mergers    [PDF]

Cody Raskin, Daniel Kasen

1304.5006 (T. Mühlbeier et al.)

Revisiting the Triangulation Method for Pointing to Supernova and Failed Supernova with Neutrinos    [PDF]

T. Mühlbeier, H. Nunokawa, R. Zukanovich Funchal