Thursday, October 11, 2012

1108.4745 (Z. Wang et al.)

Multiband Studies of the Optical Periodic Modulation in the X-Ray Binary SAX~J1808.4-3658 during Its Quiescence and 2008 Outburst    [PDF]

Z. Wang, R. P. Breton, C. O. Heinke, C. J. Deloye, J. Zhong

1210.2746 (Duncan R. Lorimer)

The Galactic Millisecond Pulsar Population    [PDF]

Duncan R. Lorimer

1210.2778 (C. P. L. Berry et al.)

Observing the Galaxy's massive black hole with gravitational wave bursts    [PDF]

C. P. L. Berry, J. R. Gair

1210.2799 (Z. Y. Liu et al.)

Non-detection of pulsed radio emission from magnetar Swift J1834.9-0846: constraint on the fundamental plane of magnetar radio emissions    [PDF]

Z. Y. Liu, H. Tong, J. P. Yuan

1210.2800 (Ning Jiang et al.)

Rapid Infrared Variability of Three Radio-loud Narrow-line Seyfert 1 Galaxies: A View from the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer    [PDF]

Ning Jiang, Hong-Yan Zhou, Luis C. Ho, Weimin Yuan, Ting-Gui Wang, Xiao-Bo Dong, Peng Jiang, Tuo Ji, Qiguo Tian

1210.2802 (Timothy C. Arlen et al.)

Intergalactic Magnetic Fields and Gamma Ray Observations of Extreme TeV Blazars    [PDF]

Timothy C. Arlen, Vladimir V. Vassiliev, Thomas Weisgarber, Scott P. Wakely, S. Yusef Shafi

1210.2813 (Tadashi Kobayashi et al.)

Observations of High Energy Cosmic-Ray Electrons from 30 GeV to 3 TeV with Emulsion Chambers    [PDF]

Tadashi Kobayashi, Yoshiko Komori, Kenji Yoshida, Kazuki Yanagisawa, Jun Nishimura, Takamasa Yamagami, Yoshitaka Saito, Nobuhito Tateyama, Toshinori Yuda, Jeffrey Wilkes

1210.2892 (J. G. Coelho et al.)

Similarities of SGRs with low magnetic field and white dwarf pulsars    [PDF]

J. G. Coelho, M. Malheiro

1210.2899 (F. Marin et al.)

UV and optical polarization modeling of thermal active galactic nuclei : impact of the narrow line region    [PDF]

F. Marin, R. W. Goosmann

1210.2948 (Nahee Park et al.)

VERITAS Observation of CTA1    [PDF]

Nahee Park, for the VERITAS Collaboration

1210.2949 (J. J. M. in 't Zand et al.)

Superexpansion as a possible probe of accretion in 4U 1820-30    [PDF]

J. J. M. in 't Zand, J. Homan, L. Keek, D. M. Palmer

1210.2952 (A. Manousakis et al.)

Neutron star masses from hydrodynamical effects in obscured sgHMXBs    [PDF]

A. Manousakis, R. Walter, J. M. Blondin

1210.2960 (K. Poppenhaeger et al.)

Non-thermal processes in coronae and beyond    [PDF]

K. Poppenhaeger, H. M. Guenther, P. Beiersdorfer, N. S. Brickhouse, J. A. Carter, H. S. Hudson, A. Kowalski, S. Lalitha, M. Miceli, S. J. Wolk

1210.2997 (Jiang-Tao Li et al.)

Chandra Survey of Nearby Highly-Inclined Disk Galaxies I: X-ray Measurements of Galactic Coronae    [PDF]

Jiang-Tao Li, Q. Daniel Wang

1210.3007 (Ilana MacDonald et al.)

Suitability of hybrid gravitational waveforms for unequal-mass binaries    [PDF]

Ilana MacDonald, Abdul H. Mroue, Harald P. Pfeiffer, Michael Boyle, Lawrence E. Kidder, Mark A. Scheel, Bela Szilagyi, Nicholas W. Taylor

1210.3013 (Christoph Weniger)

Tentative observation of a gamma-ray line at the Fermi LAT    [PDF]

Christoph Weniger