Wednesday, September 5, 2012

1209.0008 (Or Graur et al.)

Discovery of 100 supernovae among 700,000 Sloan spectra: the Type-Ia supernova rate versus galaxy mass and star-formation rate at redshift ~0.1    [PDF]

Or Graur, Dan Maoz

1209.0067 (Hideki Uchiyama et al.)

The K-shell Line Distribution of Heavy Elements along the Galactic Plane Observed with Suzaku    [PDF]

Hideki Uchiyama, Masayoshi Nobukawa, Takeshi Go Tsuru, Katsuji Koyama

1209.0168 (Noam Soker et al.)

The jet feedback mechanism (JFM): from supernovae to clusters of galaxies    [PDF]

Noam Soker, Muhammad Akashi, Avishai Gilkis, Shlomi Hillel, Oded Papish, Michael Refaelovich, Danny Tsebrenko

1209.0225 (Kohta Murase et al.)

Galaxy Clusters as Reservoirs of Heavy Dark Matter and High-Energy Cosmic Rays: Constraints from Neutrino Observations    [PDF]

Kohta Murase, John F. Beacom

1209.0251 (F. H. Vincent et al.)

Constraining the nature of the Galactic center black hole Sgr A* with present and future observations    [PDF]

F. H. Vincent, E. Gourgoulhon, O. Straub, M. Abramowicz, J. Novak, T. Paumard, G. Perrin

1209.0265 (Jong-Ho Shinn et al.)

Ortho-to-Para Ratio Studies of Shocked H2 Gas in the Two Supernova Remnants IC 443 and HB 21    [PDF]

Jong-Ho Shinn, Ho-Gyu Lee, Dae-Sik Moon

1209.0274 (Stefano Bianchi et al.)

Simultaneous X-ray and optical observations of true Type 2 Seyfert galaxies    [PDF]

Stefano Bianchi, Francesca Panessa, Xavier Barcons, Francisco J. Carrera, Fabio La Franca, Giorgio Matt, Francesca Onori, Anna Wolter, Amalia Corral, Lorenzo Monaco, Angel Ruiz, Murray Brightman

1209.0293 (M. V. Barkov et al.)

Jets and gamma-ray emission from isolated accreting black holes    [PDF]

M. V. Barkov, D. V. Khangulyan, S. B. Popov

1209.0300 (Jonatan Martin et al.)

Time-dependent modeling of pulsar wind nebulae: Study on the impact of the diffusion-loss approximations    [PDF]

Jonatan Martin, Diego F. Torres, Nanda Rea

1209.0301 (M. Akbari-Moghanjoughi et al.)

Theory for large amplitude electrostatic ion shocks in quantum plasmas    [PDF]

M. Akbari-Moghanjoughi, P. K. Shukla

1209.0327 (S. Motta et al.)

Discovery of two simultaneous non-harmonically related Quasi-Periodic Oscillations in the 2005 outburst of the black-hole binary GRO J1655-40    [PDF]

S. Motta, J. Homan, T. Muñoz-Darias, P. Casella, T. M. Belloni, B. Hiemstra, M. Mèndez

1209.0348 (Beatriz Mingo et al.)

Shocks, Seyferts and the SNR connection: a Chandra observation of the Circinus galaxy    [PDF]

Beatriz Mingo, Martin J. Hardcastle, Judith H. Croston, Daniel A. Evans, Preeti Kharb, Ralph P. Kraft, Emil Lenc

1209.0353 (Jihyun Kim et al.)

Correlation between Ultra-high Energy Cosmic Rays and Active Galactic Nuclei from Fermi Large Area Telescope    [PDF]

Jihyun Kim, Hang Bae Kim

1209.0357 (E. de Ona Wilhelmi et al.)

Prospects for Observations of Pulsars and Pulsar Wind Nebulae with CTA    [PDF]

E. de Ona Wilhelmi, B. Rudak, J. A. Barrio, J. L. Contreras, Y. Gallant, D. Hadasch, T. Hassan, M. Lopez, D. Mazin, N. Mirabal, G. Pedaletti, M. Renaud, R. de los Reyes, D. F. Torres, for the CTA Collaboration

1209.0413 (S. Dimitrakoudis et al.)

The time-dependent one-zone hadronic model - First principles    [PDF]

S. Dimitrakoudis, A. Mastichiadis, R. J. Protheroe, A. Reimer

1209.0415 (Charith Peris et al.)

A tomographic study of V691 CrA (X1822-371)    [PDF]

Charith Peris, Saeqa Dil Vrtilek

1209.0467 (Y. Q. Xue et al.)

Tracking Down the Source Population Responsible for the Unresolved Cosmic 6-8 keV Background    [PDF]

Y. Q. Xue, S. X. Wang, W. N. Brandt, B. Luo, D. M. Alexander, F. E. Bauer, A. Comastri, A. C. Fabian, R. Gilli, B. D. Lehmer, D. P. Schneider, C. Vignali, M. Young

1209.0468 (Anne M. Lohfink et al.)

The Black Hole Spin and Soft X-ray Excess of the Luminous Seyfert Galaxy Fairall 9    [PDF]

Anne M. Lohfink, Christopher S. Reynolds, Jon M. Miller, Laura W. Brenneman, Richard F. Mushotzky, Michael A. Nowak, Andrew C. Fabian

1209.0479 (F. D'Ammando et al.)

PKS 2123-463: a confirmed gamma-ray blazar at high redshift    [PDF]

F. D'Ammando, A. Rau, P. Schady, J. Finke, M. Orienti, J. Greiner, D. A. Kann, R. Ojha, A. R. Foley, J. Stevens, J. M. Blanchard, P. G. Edwards, M. Kadler, J. E. J. Lovell

1209.0524 (Wenwen Zuo et al.)

The correlations between optical variability and physical parameters of quasars in SDSS Stripe 82    [PDF]

Wenwen Zuo, Xue-Bing Wu, Yi-Qing Liu, Cheng-Liang Jiao

1209.0534 (The ARGO-YBJ Collaboration et al.)

Long-term Monitoring on Mrk 501 for Its VHE gamma Emission and a Flare in October 2011    [PDF]

The ARGO-YBJ Collaboration, B. Bartoli, P. Bernardini, X. J. Bi, C. Bleve, I. Bolognino, P. Branchini, A. Budano, A. K. Calabrese Melcarne, P. Camarri, Z. Cao, R. Cardarelli, S. Catalanotti, C. Cattaneo, S. Z. Chen, T. L. Chen, Y. Chen, P. Creti, S. W. Cui, B. Z. Dai, G. DAl Staiti, Danzengluobu, M. Dattoli, I. De Mitri, B. D Ettorre Piazzoli, T. Di Girolamo, X. H. Ding, G. Di Sciascio, C. F. Feng, Zhaoyang Feng, Zhenyong Feng, F. Galeazzi, E. Giroletti, Q. B. Gou, Y. Q. Guo, H. H. He, Haibing Hu, Hongbo Hu, Q. Huang, M. Iacovacci, R. Iuppa, I. James, H. Y. Jia, Labaciren, H. J. Li, J. Y. Li, X. X. Li, G. Liguori, C. Liu, C. Q. Liu, J. Liu, M. Y. Liu, H. Lu, L. L. Ma, X. H. Ma, G. Mancarella, S. M. Mari, G. Marsella, D. Martello, S. Mastroianni, P. Montini, C. C. Ning, A. Pagliaro, M. Panareo, B. Panico, L. Perrone, P. Pistilli, F. Ruggieri, P. Salvini, R. Santonico, P. R. Shen, X. D. Sheng, F. Shi, C. Stanescu, A. Surdo, Y. H. Tan, P. Vallania, S. Vernetto, C. Vigorito, B. Wang, H. Wang, C. Y. Wu, H. R. Wu, B. Xu, L. Xue, Q. Y. Yang, X. C. Yang, Z. G. Yao, A. F. Yuan, M. Zha, H. M. Zhang, Jilong Zhang, Jianli Zhang, L. Zhang, P. Zhang, X. Y. Zhang, Y. Zhang, J. Zhao, Zhaxiciren, Zhaxisangzhu, X. X. Zhou, F. R. Zhu, Q. Q. Zhu, G. Zizzi

1209.0565 (S. Andreon)

The enrichment history of the intracluster medium: a Bayesian approach    [PDF]

S. Andreon

1209.0574 (Nectaria A. B Gizani)

The role of AGN jets and intracluster magnetic fields in the formation and acceleration of cosmic rays    [PDF]

Nectaria A. B Gizani

1209.0575 (Nectaria A. B Gizani)

On the extragalactic jet asymmetry and composition, and the production of high energy cosmic rays    [PDF]

Nectaria A. B Gizani

1209.0582 (F. Acero et al.)

Gamma-ray signatures of cosmic ray acceleration, propagation, and confinement in the era of CTA    [PDF]

F. Acero, A. Bamba, S. Casanova, E. de Cea, E. de Ona Wilhelmi, S. Gabici, Y. Gallant, D. Hadasch, A. Marcowith, G. Pedaletti, O. Reimer, M. Renaud, D. F. Torres, F. Volpe, for the CTA collaboration

1209.0595 (Xing-Jiang Zhu et al.)

On the gravitational wave background from compact binary coalescence in the band of ground-based interferometers    [PDF]

Xing-Jiang Zhu, Eric J. Howell, David G. Blair, Zong-Hong Zhu

1209.0596 (Hiroki Nagakura et al.)

Semi-dynamical approach to the shock revival in core-collapse supernovae    [PDF]

Hiroki Nagakura, Yu Yamamoto, Shoichi Yamada

1209.0625 (Pierrick Martin et al.)

Particle acceleration and non-thermal emission during the V407 Cygni nova outburst    [PDF]

Pierrick Martin, Guillaume Dubus

1209.0667 (Keith Riles)

Gravitational Waves: Sources, Detectors and Searches    [PDF]

Keith Riles

1209.0698 (Chang Hyon Ha for the IceCube Collaboration)

Detection of Cascades induced by Atmospheric Neutrinos in the 79-string IceCube Detector    [PDF]

Chang Hyon Ha for the IceCube Collaboration

1209.0702 (Sergio Campana et al.)

XMM-Newton and Swift observations of the Type IIb SN 2011dh in Messier 51    [PDF]

Sergio Campana, Stefan Immler

1209.0706 (M. Guainazzi et al.)

The X-ray variability history of Markarian 3    [PDF]

M. Guainazzi, V. La Parola, G. Miniutti, A. Segreto, A. L. Longinotti