Thursday, March 21, 2013

1303.4423 (Michael Gustafsson et al.)

Effective Theory of Dark Matter Decay into Monochromatic Photons and its Implications: Constraints from Associated Cosmic-Ray Emission    [PDF]

Michael Gustafsson, Thomas Hambye, Tiziana Scarna

1303.4743 (S. Covino et al.)

Dust extinction for an unbiased sample of GRB afterglows    [PDF]

S. Covino, A. Melandri, R. Salvaterra, S. Campana, S. D. Vergani, M. G. Bernardini, P. D'Avanzo, V. D'Elia, D. Fugazza, G. Ghirlanda, G. Ghisellini, A. Gomboc, Z. P. Jin, T. Kruehler, D. Malesani, L. Nava, B. Sbarufatti, G. Tagliaferri

1303.4746 (Joshua Wiener et al.)

Cosmic Ray Streaming in Clusters of Galaxies    [PDF]

Joshua Wiener, S Peng Oh, Fulai Guo

1303.4809 (Raul Jimenez et al.)

Reconciling the GRB rate and star formation histories    [PDF]

Raul Jimenez, Tsvi Piran

1303.4824 (Hauke Worpel et al.)

Evidence for accretion rate change during type I X-ray bursts    [PDF]

Hauke Worpel, Duncan K. Galloway, Daniel J. Price

1303.4837 (Lixin Dai et al.)

The Impact of Bound Stellar Orbits and General Relativity on the Temporal Behavior of Tidal Disruption Flares    [PDF]

Lixin Dai, Andres Escala, Paolo Coppi

1303.4880 (Yanan Wang et al.)

The evolution of inner disk radius with orbital phase in Circinus X-1    [PDF]

Yanan Wang, Guoqiang Ding, Chunping Huang

1303.4891 (L. Dorame et al.)

Invisible decays of ultra-high energy neutrinos    [PDF]

L. Dorame, O. G. Miranda, J. W. F. Valle

1303.4934 (Tomaso M. Belloni et al.)

Discovery of a 34 Hz Quasi-Periodic Oscillation in the X-ray emission of GRS 1915+105    [PDF]

Tomaso M. Belloni, Diego Altamirano, -