Friday, June 1, 2012

1205.6804 (A. Patruno)

Evidence of Fast Magnetic Field Evolution in an Accreting Millisecond Pulsar    [PDF]

A. Patruno

1205.6811 (Matthew R. Buckley et al.)

Implications of a 130 GeV Gamma-Ray Line for Dark Matter    [PDF]

Matthew R. Buckley, Dan Hooper

1205.6823 (Luke O'C. Drury et al.)

Turbulent magnetic field amplification driven by cosmic-ray pressure gradients    [PDF]

Luke O'C. Drury, Turlough P. Downes

1205.6868 (Kenji Toma et al.)

Baryon Loading of AGN Jets Mediated by Neutrons    [PDF]

Kenji Toma, Fumio Takahara

1205.6871 (Andrew W. Steiner et al.)

The Neutron Star Mass-Radius Relation and the Equation of State of Dense Matter    [PDF]

Andrew W. Steiner, James M. Lattimer, Edward F. Brown

1205.6915 (Jorge A. Rueda et al.)

Gravitational Waves versus Electromagnetic Emission in Gamma-Ray Bursts    [PDF]

Jorge A. Rueda, Remo Ruffini

1205.6958 (J. Y. Liu et al.)

The Structure and Spectral Features of a Thin Disk and Evaporation-Fed Corona in High-Luminosity AGNs    [PDF]

J. Y. Liu, B. F. Liu, E. L. Qiao, S. Mineshige

1205.6963 (N. N. Kalmykov et al.)

Sources of UHECRs in view of the TUS and JEM-EUSO experiments    [PDF]

N. N. Kalmykov, B. A. Khrenov, G. V. Kulikov, M. Yu. Zotov

1205.7059 (R. Farinelli et al.)

Swift observations of two supergiant fast X-ray transient prototypes in outburst    [PDF]

R. Farinelli, P. Romano, V. Mangano, C. Ceccobello, L. Ducci, S. Vercellone, P. Esposito, J. A. Kennea, D. N. Burrows

1205.7063 (Henric Krawczynski)

Tests of General Relativity in the Strong Gravity Regime Based on X-Ray Spectropolarimetric Observations of Black Holes in X-Ray Binaries    [PDF]

Henric Krawczynski

1205.7075 (R. Margutti et al.)

The Afterglow and Environment of the Short GRB111117A    [PDF]

R. Margutti, E. Berger, W. Fong, B. A. Zauderer, S. B. Cenko, J. Greiner, A. M. Soderberg, A. Cucchiara, S. Klose, A. Rossi, S. Schmidl, D. Milisavljevic, N. Sanders

1205.7088 (Tomohiro Harada et al.)

Upper limits of particle emission from high-energy collision and reaction near a maximally rotating Kerr black hole    [PDF]

Tomohiro Harada, Hiroya Nemoto, Umpei Miyamoto