Thursday, February 7, 2013

1007.4820 (Neil J. Cornish)

Fast Fisher Matrices and Lazy Likelihoods    [PDF]

Neil J. Cornish

1302.1204 (Simin Mahmoodifar et al.)

Upper bounds on r-mode amplitudes from observations of LMXB neutron stars    [PDF]

Simin Mahmoodifar, Tod Strohmayer

1302.1208 (Manuel Meyer et al.)

First lower limits on the photon-axion-like particle coupling from very high energy gamma-ray observation    [PDF]

Manuel Meyer, Dieter Horns, Martin Raue

1302.1223 (J. C. Higdon et al.)

The Galactic Spatial Distribution of OB Associations and Their Surrounding Supernova-Generated Superbubble    [PDF]

J. C. Higdon, R. E. Lingenfelter

1302.1246 (Jayanta Roy et al.)

Coherently dedispersed gated imaging of millisecond pulsars    [PDF]

Jayanta Roy, Bhaswati Bhattacharyya

1302.1257 (Paolo Maestro)

High-energy astroparticle physics with CALET    [PDF]

Paolo Maestro

1302.1263 (Andrew Romero-Wolf et al.)

Concept and Analysis of a Satellite for Space-based Radio Detection of Ultra-high Energy Cosmic Rays    [PDF]

Andrew Romero-Wolf, Peter Gorham, Kurt Liewer, Jeffrey Booth, Riley Duren

1302.1278 (Ricardo Heras)

Pulsars are Born as Magnetars    [PDF]

Ricardo Heras

1302.1328 (Jiguang Lu et al.)

To differentiate neutron star models by X-ray polarimetry    [PDF]

Jiguang Lu, Renxin Xu, Hua Feng

1302.1346 (Mehreen Mahmud et al.)

Connecting Magnetic Towers with Faraday Rotation Gradients in Active Galactic Nuclei Jets    [PDF]

Mehreen Mahmud, Colm P. Coughlan, Eoin Murphy, Denise C. Gabuzda, Redmond Hallahan

1302.1397 (Volker Beckmann et al.)

The AGN phenomenon: open issues    [PDF]

Volker Beckmann, Chris R. Shrader

1302.1460 (Vladimir Zhdankin et al.)

Statistical Analysis of Current Sheets in Three-Dimensional Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence    [PDF]

Vladimir Zhdankin, Dmitri A. Uzdensky, Jean C. Perez, Stanislav Boldyrev