Wednesday, December 12, 2012

1212.2213 (D. R. Wilkins et al.)

The origin of the lag spectra observed in AGN: Reverberation and the propagation of X-ray source fluctuations    [PDF]

D. R. Wilkins, A. C. Fabian

1212.2215 (Wen Fu et al.)

Simulations of Overstable Inertial-acoustic Modes in Black-Hole Accretion Discs    [PDF]

Wen Fu, Dong Lai

1212.2250 (Andrew Lyne)

Timing noise and the long-term stability of pulsar profiles    [PDF]

Andrew Lyne

1212.2289 (Imre Bartos et al.)

How Gravitational-wave Observations Can Shape the Gamma-ray Burst Paradigm    [PDF]

Imre Bartos, Patrick Brady, Szabolcs Marka

1212.2381 (R. Blomme et al.)

The 2.35 year itch of Cyg OB2 #9. II. Radio monitoring    [PDF]

R. Blomme, Y. Naze, D. Volpi, M. De Becker, R. K. Prinja, J. M. Pittard, E. R. Parkin, O. Absil

1212.2392 (B. Gendre et al.)

The ultra-long Gamma-Ray Burst 111209A: the collapse of a blue supergiant?    [PDF]

B. Gendre, G. Stratta, J. L. Atteia, S. Basa, M. Boër, D. M. Coward, S. Cutini, V. D'Elia, E. Howell, A. Klotz, L. Piro

1212.2416 (Paschal Coyle)

Recent results from the ANTARES deep sea neutrino telescope    [PDF]

Paschal Coyle

1212.2524 (K. M. Belotsky et al.)

Clusters of Black Holes as Point-Like Gamma-ray Sources    [PDF]

K. M. Belotsky, A. V. Berkov, A. A. Kirillov, S. G. Rubin

1212.2532 (A. Papitto et al.)

The accretion flow to the intermittent accreting ms pulsar, HETE J1900.1-2455, as observed by XMM-Newton and RXTE    [PDF]

A. Papitto, A. D'Aì, T. Di Salvo, E. Egron, E. Bozzo, L. Burderi, R. Iaria, A. Riggio, M. T. Menna

1212.2583 (Maneenate Wechakama et al.)

Multi-messenger constraints on dark matter annihilation into electron-positron pairs    [PDF]

Maneenate Wechakama, Yago Ascasibar