Friday, November 18, 2011

1110.6849 (James F. Steiner et al.)

Modeling the Jet Kinematics of the Black Hole Microquasar XTE J1550-564: A Constraint on Spin-Orbit Alignment    [PDF]

James F. Steiner, Jeffrey E. McClintock

1111.2736 (The IceCube Collaboration)

The IceCube Neutrino Observatory II: All Sky Searches: Atmospheric, Diffuse and EHE    [PDF]

The IceCube Collaboration

1111.3964 (Asaf Pe'er et al.)

Constraining Sources of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays Using High Energy Observations with the Fermi Satellite    [PDF]

Asaf Pe'er, Abraham Loeb

1111.3978 (M. Linares et al.)

Millihertz quasi-periodic oscillations and thermonuclear bursts from Terzan 5: A showcase of burning regimes    [PDF]

M. Linares, D. Altamirano, D. Chakrabarty, A. Cumming, L. Keek

1111.4020 (R. Barnard et al.)

Reinstating the M31 X-ray system RX J0042.3+4115 as a black hole X-ray binary, and compelling evidence for an extended corona    [PDF]

R. Barnard, M. R. Garcia, S. S. Murray

1111.4051 (Daniela Pugliese et al.)

Stability of a self-gravitating homogeneous resistive plasma    [PDF]

Daniela Pugliese, Nakia Carlevaro, Massimiliano Lattanzi, Giovanni Montani, Riccardo Benini

1111.4129 (Margarita Hernanz et al.)

High energy emission of symbiotic recurrent novae: RS Ophiuchi and V407 Cygni    [PDF]

Margarita Hernanz, Vincent Tatischeff

1111.4158 (D. Viganò et al.)

The influence of magnetic field geometry on magnetars X-ray spectra    [PDF]

D. Viganò, N. Parkins, S. Zane, R. Turolla, J. A. Pons, J. A. Miralles

1111.4175 (Armen Atoyan et al.)

Gamma Rays from the Tycho Supernova Remnant: Leptonic or Hadronic?    [PDF]

Armen Atoyan, Charles Dermer