Monday, March 25, 2013

1303.5443 (Christoph Pfrommer)

Toward a comprehensive model for feedback by active galactic nuclei: new insights from M87 observations by LOFAR, Fermi and H.E.S.S    [PDF]

Christoph Pfrommer

1303.5446 (Stefano Camera et al.)

Beyond Concordance Cosmology with Magnification of Gravitational-Wave Standard Sirens    [PDF]

Stefano Camera, Atsushi Nishizawa

1303.5451 (Kirill V. Sokolovsky et al.)

RadioAstron Early Science Program Space-VLBI AGN survey: strategy and first results    [PDF]

Kirill V. Sokolovsky, for the RadioAstron AGN Early Science Working Group

1303.5453 (M. A. Abramowicz et al.)

The perihelion of Mercury advance and the light bending calculated in (enhanced) Newton's theory    [PDF]

M. A. Abramowicz, G. F. R. Ellis J. Horak, M. Wielgus

1303.5465 (Kareem A. Sorathia et al.)

Relaxation of Warped Disks: the Case of Pure Hydrodynamics    [PDF]

Kareem A. Sorathia, Julian H. Krolik, John F. Hawley

1303.5470 (Pavel Abolmasov)

Black hole spin-down by truncated disc emission    [PDF]

Pavel Abolmasov

1303.5488 (Elena Orlando et al.)

Cosmic rays: interstellar gamma-ray and radio emission    [PDF]

Elena Orlando, Andrew W. Strong

1303.5507 (Wei Wang)

Spin and Spectral Variations of Peculiar High-Mass X-ray Binary 4U 2206+54    [PDF]

Wei Wang

1303.5520 (Ken-ichiro Kanai et al.)

Viewing Black Holes by Waves    [PDF]

Ken-ichiro Kanai, Yasusada Nambu

1303.5576 (Pierre Auger Collaboration)

Techniques for Measuring Aerosol Attenuation using the Central Laser Facility at the Pierre Auger Observatory    [PDF]

Pierre Auger Collaboration

1303.5579 (N. Rea et al.)

The outburst decay of the low magnetic field magnetar SGR 0418+5729    [PDF]

N. Rea, G. L. Israel, J. A. Pons, R. Turolla, D. Vigano, S. Zane, P. Esposito, R. Perna, A. Papitto, G. Terreran, A. Tiengo, D. Salvetti, J. M. Girart, Aina Palau, A. Possenti, M. Burgay, E. Gogus, A. Caliandro, C. Kouveliotou, D. Gotz, R. P. Mignani, E. Ratti, L. Stella

1303.5641 (Hajime Sotani et al.)

Gravitationally Driven Electromagnetic Perturbations of Neutron Stars and Black Holes    [PDF]

Hajime Sotani, Kostas D. Kokkotas, Pablo Laguna, Carlos F. Sopuerta

1303.5672 (D. P. Barsukov et al.)

The spin evolution of neutron stars with the superfluid core    [PDF]

D. P. Barsukov, O. A. Goglichidze, A. I. Tsygan