Tuesday, January 10, 2012

1105.5484 (Y. Matsuo et al.)

Effects of a New Triple-alpha Reaction on X-ray Bursts of a Helium Accreting Neutron Star    [PDF]

Y. Matsuo, H. Tsujimoto, T. Noda, M. Saruwatari, M. Ono, M. Hashimoto, M. Y. Fujimoto

1108.0927 (T. Sbarrato et al.)

The broad line and gamma-ray luminosity relation in Fermi blazars    [PDF]

T. Sbarrato, G. Ghisellini, L. Maraschi, M. Colpi

1110.1226 (R. X. Xu et al.)

Absorption features caused by oscillations of electrons on the surface of a quark star    [PDF]

R. X. Xu, S. I. Bastrukov, F. Weber, J. W. Yu, I. V. Molodtsova

1110.1474 (P. A. Curran et al.)

IGR J17448-3232 point source: A blazar candidate viewed through the Galactic centre?    [PDF]

P. A. Curran, S. Chaty, J. A. Zurita Heras, J. A. Tomsick, T. J. Maccarone

1201.1506 (S. Hachinger et al.)

How much H and He is "hidden" in SNe Ib/c? I. - low-mass objects    [PDF]

S. Hachinger, P. A. Mazzali, S. Taubenberger, W. Hillebrandt, K. Nomoto, D. N. Sauer

1201.1534 (Chao-Qiang Geng et al.)

Magnetic dipole moment and keV neutrino dark matter    [PDF]

Chao-Qiang Geng, Ryo Takahashi

1201.1549 (Fu-Wen Zhang et al.)

Revisiting the Long/Soft-Short/Hard Classification of Gamma-Ray Bursts in the Fermi Era    [PDF]

Fu-Wen Zhang, Lang Shao, Jing-Zhi Yan, Da-Ming Wei

1201.1552 (Fu-Wen Zhang)

GRB 090618: different pulse temporal and spectral characteristics within a burst    [PDF]

Fu-Wen Zhang

1201.1638 (Cosimo Bambi)

Testing the Kerr-nature of stellar-mass black hole candidates by combining the continuum-fitting method and the power estimate of transient ballistic jets    [PDF]

Cosimo Bambi

1201.1660 (A. Neronov et al.)

Origin of TeV Galactic Cosmic Rays    [PDF]

A. Neronov, D. V. Semikoz

1201.1678 (J. C. A. Miller-Jones et al.)

Disc-jet coupling in the 2009 outburst of the black hole candidate H1743-322    [PDF]

J. C. A. Miller-Jones, G. R. Sivakoff, D. Altamirano, M. Coriat, S. Corbel, V. Dhawan, H. A. Krimm, R. A. Remillard, M. P. Rupen, D. M. Russell, R. P. Fender, S. Heinz, E. G. K├Ârding, D. Maitra, S. Markoff, S. Migliari, C. L. Sarazin, V. Tudose

1201.1680 (Duncan K. Galloway et al.)

On the consistency of neutron-star radius measurements from thermonuclear bursts    [PDF]

Duncan K. Galloway, Nathanael Lampe

1201.1722 (B. van Soelen et al.)

Anisotropic scattering from the circumstellar disc in PSR B1259-63    [PDF]

B. van Soelen, P. J. Meintjes

1201.1723 (Dennis Jack et al.)

Near-infrared light curves of type Ia supernovae    [PDF]

Dennis Jack, Peter H. Hauschildt, E. Baron

1201.1756 (Maxim Eingorn et al.)

Comments on gravitational interaction in Kaluza-Klein models    [PDF]

Maxim Eingorn, Alexander Zhuk

1201.1838 (C. Cremaschini et al.)

The kinetic theory of quasi-stationary collisionless accretion disc plasmas    [PDF]

C. Cremaschini, J. C. Miller, M. Tessarotto

1201.1839 (C. Cremaschini et al.)

Absolute stability of axisymmetric perturbations in strongly-magnetized collisionless axisymmetric accretion disk plasmas    [PDF]

C. Cremaschini, J. C. Miller, M. Tessarotto

1201.1855 (J. S. Kaastra et al.)

Multiwavelength campaign on Mrk 509 VIII. Location of the X-ray absorber    [PDF]

J. S. Kaastra, R. G. Detmers, M. Mehdipour, N. Arav, E. Behar, S. Bianchi, G. Branduardi-Raymont, M. Cappi, E. Costantini, J. Ebrero, G. A. Kriss, S. Paltani, P. -O. Petrucci, C. Pinto, G. Ponti, K. C. Steenbrugge, C. P. de Vries

1201.1894 (Oleg Kargaltsev et al.)

X-ray Observations of a New Unusual Magnetar Swift J1834.9-0846    [PDF]

Oleg Kargaltsev, Chryssa Kouveliotou, George G. Pavlov, Ersin Gogus, Lin Lin, Stefanie Wachter, Roger L. Griffith, Yuki Kaneko, George Younes

1201.1895 (Sofia Sivertsson et al.)

WIMP diffusion in the solar system including solar WIMP-nucleon scattering    [PDF]

Sofia Sivertsson, Joakim Edsjo

1201.1897 (F. Tombesi et al.)

Evidence for ultra-fast outflows in radio-quiet AGNs: III - location and energetics    [PDF]

F. Tombesi, M. Cappi, J. N. Reeves, V. Braito