Friday, July 5, 2013

1307.1239 (E. Konishi et al.)

A Critical Examination on L/E Analysis in the Underground Detectors with a Computer Numerical Experiment Part 1    [PDF]

E. Konishi, Y. Minorikawa, V. I. Galkin, M. Ishiwata, I. Nakamura, N. Takahashi, M. Kato, A. Misaki
In the present paper we consider neutrino events due to quasi-elastic scattering (QEL) as the most reliable events among various candidate events to be analyzed, and have carried out the first step of an L/E analysis which aims to confirm the survival probability with a Numerical Computer Experiment. The most important factor in the survival probability is Lnu and Enu, but this cannot be measured for such neutral particles. Instead, Lmu and Emu is utilized in the L/E analysis, where Lnu, Lmu, Enu and Emu denote the flight path lengths of the incident neutrinos, those of the emitted leptons, the energies of the incident neutrinos and those of the emitted leptons, respectively. According to our Computer Numerical Experiment, the relation of Lnu/Enu is nearly equal to Lmu/Emu doesn't hold. In subsequent papers, we show the results on an L/E analysis with the Computer Numerical Experiment based on our results obtained in the present paper.
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