Monday, July 1, 2013

1306.6850 (Daniele Gaggero et al.)

Three dimensional modeling of CR propagation    [PDF]

Daniele Gaggero, Luca Maccione, Giuseppe Di Bernardo, Carmelo Evoli, Dario Grasso
We present here a major upgrade of DRAGON, a numerical package that computes the propagation of a wide set of CR species from both astrophysical and exotic origin in the Galaxy in a wide energy range from tens of MeV to tens of TeV. DRAGON takes into account all relevant processes in particular diffusion, convection, reacceleration, fragmentation and energy losses. For the first time, we present a full 3D version of DRAGON with anisotropic position-dependent diffusion. In this version, the propagation is calculated within a 3D cartesian grid and the user is able to implement realistic and structured three dimensional source, gas and regular magnetic field distributions. Moreover, it is possible to specify an arbitrary function of position and rigidity for the diffusion coefficients in the parallel and perpendicular direction to the regular magnetic field of the Galaxy. The code opens many new possibilities in the study of CR physics. In particular, we can study for the first time the impact of the spiral arm structure on the leptonic spectra: taking into account the fact that we live in an interarm region, far from most sources, we obtain - due to increased energy losses - a steeper electron spectrum compared to the assumption of a smooth source term. We discuss the implications of these results on our understanding on leptonic spectra and we briefly mention future studies that can be performed with our new 3D code.
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