Thursday, July 18, 2013

1307.4414 (Vikram V Dwarkadas)

Exploring the Gamma-Ray Emissivity of Young Supernova Remnants I: Hadronic Emission    [PDF]

Vikram V Dwarkadas
Using a simplified model for the hadronic emission from young supernova remnants (SNRs), we derive an expression to calculate the hadronic luminosity with time, depending on the SN ejecta density profile and the density structure of the surrounding medium. Our analysis shows that the hadronic emission will decrease with time for core-collapse SNe expanding in the winds of their progenitor stars, but increase with time for SNe expanding into a constant density medium, typical of Type Ia SNe. Using our expressions, we can compute the time-dependent hadronic flux from some well-known young SNe and SNRs with time, and where applicable reproduce previous results in the appropriate parameter regime. Using our calculations, we also emphasize the exciting possibility that SN 1987A may become a visible gamma-ray source in the next decade.
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