Monday, August 5, 2013

1308.0475 (Hélène Laffon et al.)

Discovery of the mysterious gamma-ray source HESS J1832-093 in the vicinity of SNR G22.7-0.2    [PDF]

Hélène Laffon, Fabio Acero, Francois Brun, Bruno Khélifi, Gerd Pühlhofer, Régis Terrier, for the H. E. S. S. Collaboration
Thanks to the use of advanced analysis techniques, the H.E.S.S. imaging Cherenkov telescope array has now reached a sensitivity level allowing the detection of sources with fluxes around 1% of the Crab with a limited observation time (less than ~100 hours). 67 hours of observations in the region of the supernova remnant G22.7-0.2 thus yielded the detection of the faint point-like source HESS J1832-093 in spatial coincidence with a part of the radio shell of the supernova remnant. A multi-wavelength search for counterparts was then performed and led to the elaboration of various scenarii in order to explain the origin of the very high energy excess. The presence of molecular clouds in the line of sight could indicate a hadronic origin through \pi^0 production and decay. However, the discovery of an X-ray point source and its potential infrared counterpart give rise to other possibilities such as a pulsar wind nebula nature or a binary system. The latest results on this source are presented as well as the different scenarii brought by the multi-wavelength observations.
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