Tuesday, July 16, 2013

1307.3635 (Himadri Ghosh)

Monte Carlo Simulations of the Advective Inflow and Outflow around a Black Hole    [PDF]

Himadri Ghosh
In this Thesis, we describe the development of a three-dimensional radiative transfer code using Monte Carlo technique and its application to various astrophysical problems. This code is capable of simulating the radiation spectra coming out of the electron cloud of an accretion disk around compact objects, such as black hole X-ray binaries (XRBs). Physical processes included in this code are the relativistic Maxwell-Juttner momentum distribution of the electrons, Compton scattering with these electrons, and gravitational red shift of the photons. Due to general nature of the code, processes like synchrotron radiation, bremsstrahlung radiation, Coulomb coupling and the pair production are also possible to incorporate. Various types of photon energy distribution (e.g., mono-energetic, power-law, black-body and multi-colour black body) and geometry of the photon source (e.g., point or disk) can be used. In this Thesis, we have mainly used multi-color black body photons coming out of a Keplerian disk as the source of soft radiation. This soft radiation is intercepted by the electron cloud. Depending on the optical depth of the cloud, and energy of the electrons, the soft photons may get Comptonized and inverse-Comptonized via multiple scattering or may suffer no scattering at all, and they emerge out of the cloud as a relatively harder radiation. Our simulations provide information regarding the accretion disk and the central compact object.
View original: http://arxiv.org/abs/1307.3635

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