Tuesday, July 16, 2013

1307.3739 (Mariangela Settimo et al.)

EleCa: a Monte Carlo code for the propagation of extragalactic photons at ultra-high energy    [PDF]

Mariangela Settimo, Manlio De Domenico
Ultra high energy photons play an important role as an independent probe of the photo-pion production mechanism by UHE cosmic rays. Their observation, or non-observation, may constrain astrophysical scenarios for the origin of UHECRs and help to understand the nature of the flux suppression observed by several experiments at energies above 10$^{19.5}$ eV. Whereas the interaction length of UHE photons above 10$^{17}$ eV is only of a few hundred kpc up to tenths of Mpc, photons can interact with the extragalactic background radiation leading to the development of electromagnetic cascades which affect the fluxes of photons observed at Earth. The interpretation of the current experimental results rely on the simulations of the UHE photon propagation. In this contribution, we present the novel Monte Carlo code "EleCa" to simulate the \emph{Ele}ctromagnetic \emph{Ca}scading initiated by high-energy photons and electrons. The distance within which we expect to observe UHE photons is discussed and the flux of GZK photons at Earth is investigated in several astrophysical scenarios.
View original: http://arxiv.org/abs/1307.3739

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