Sunday, August 4, 2013

1308.0194 (Dariusz Gora et al.)

Tau neutrino search with Cherenkov telescopes    [PDF]

Dariusz Gora, Elisa Bernardini
Cherenkov telescopes could have the capability of detecting high energy tau neutrinos by searching for very inclined showers. If a tau lepton, produced by a tau neutrino, escapes from the Earth crust, it will decay and initiate an air shower which can be detected by a fluorescence/Cherenkov telescope. Here we present a detailed Monte Carlo simulation of event rates induced by tau neutrinos in the energy range from 1 PeV to 1 EeV. Topographic conditions are taken into account for a set of example locations. As expected, we find a neutrino sensitivity which depends on the shape of the energy spectrum from astrophysical sources. We compare our findings with the sensitivity of the dedicated IceCube neutrino telescope under different conditions. We also find that a difference of several factors can be observed depending on the topographic conditions of the sites sampled.
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